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Successful Fellows

Round 7 Successful Fellows

HNE/HMRI General Research Fellowship: Dr Carla Walton, Centre for Psychotherapy, HNE Mental Health Service

Project: Improving quality and consistency of care delivered to people with a diagnosis of Borderline Personality Disorder in community based mental health services in metro and rural areas.

JHH Charitable Trust Clinical Research Fellowship: Dr Ailsa Borbolla Foster, Dept Maternity & Gynaecology JHH

Project: Implementation and impact of a population-based expanded first-trimester screening and assessment model for risk prediction and reduction of adverse obstetric outcomes.

Round 6 Successful Fellows

HNE/HMRI Research Fellowship: Dr Jannah Jones, HNE Population Health

Project: Optimising the uptake and implementation of evidence-based nutrition interventions in primary schools

Round 5 Successful Fellows

HNE/HMRI Research Fellowship - Dr Aubrey Crawley Fellowship: Dr Jenna Hollis, HNE Population Health

Project: It starts with a conversation: re-skilling maternity staff in Healthy Conversation Skills (HCS) to support patient behaviour change and experiences of antenatal care for gestational weight gain.

Round 4 Successful Fellows

HNE/JHH Charitable Trust Research Fellowship: Dr Carlos Garcia Esperon, Dept Neurology JHH

Project: Using Virtual Reality to Improve Professional Training for Medical and Nursing Staff involved in Rural and Regional Hyperacute Stroke Treatment

HNE/HMRI Research Fellowship - Dr Aubrey Crawley Fellowship Dr Rachel Sutherland, HNE Population Health

Project: Evaluating the effectiveness and cost effectiveness of a dissemination strategy to increase the adoption  of a healthy school lunchbox program ‘SWAP IT’

HNE/UON General Research Fellowship: Dr Buddhima Lokuge, Drug and Alcohol Clinical Services

Project: Comparing novel treatment (depot buprenorphine) to standard care (methadone and sublingual buprenorphine) for opioid dependent patients released from custody: a treatment entrant cohort and linkage study

HNE/UON Nursing and Midwifery Research Fellowship: Dr Trent Williams, Dept Cardiology, JHH

Project: Reducing Cardiovascular burden in cancer survivors; A nurse-led service

NSW Health Pathology/HNE Research Fellowship: Ms Nadine Berry, NSW Health Pathology

Project: New approaches to define genomic risk prediction in cancer

Round 3 Successful Fellows

HNE General Fellowship: Dr Jason Phung , Maternity and Gynaecology

Project: The Hunter Preterm Birth Prevention Program - using genomic/precision medicine to predict and guide treatment of preterm birth

Round 2 Successful Fellows

HNE General Fellowship: Dr Arshad Khan, Cardiologist

Project Title: Prognostic benefits of left ventricular end diastolic pressure reduction during primary percutaneous coronary intervention for ST-segment elevation myocardial infarction

HNE General Fellowship: Dr Tracey Dudding-Blyth, Clinical Geneticist, Hunter Genetics

Project Title: The Face Diagnosis (FaceDx) Project: Using advanced computer vision technology to reduce time to diagnosis in children with syndromic intellectual disability

HNE General Fellowship: Nicole Nathan,  Program Manager, HNE Population Health

Project Title: A randomized trial of an intervention to facilitate the implementation of a state-wide school physical activity policy

Nursing and Midwifery Research Fellowship: Ginger Chu, Clinical Nurse Consultant

Project Title: Sleep Apnoea in Haemodialysis

Pathology North Fellowship: Dr Anoop Enjeti, Haematologist

Project Title: Locoregional differences, biomarkers and novel therapy in Acute Myeloid Leukaemia

Honorary Fellowship: Dr Andrew Gardner, Neuropsychologist

Project Title: Establishing Evidence-Based Concussion Guidelines

Honorary Fellowship: Heidi Janssen, Physiotherapist,  Hunter Stroke Services

Project Title: Service change to Support Lifestyle and Activity Modification after Transient Ischaemic Attack (S+SLAM-TIA)

Honorary Fellowship: Luke Wolfenden, Program Manager, HNE  Population Health

Project Title: Improving the impact of population health interventions through translation