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During your hospital stay

Here are some key things you need to know when you are admitted to one of our facilities. This includes important information on identification and keeping you involved in your care journey. You will also find information on getting ready for surgery, what you need to do to prepare and what to expect.

Patient Identification

Staff will put an identity band on you when you come into hospital. Staff will use this band to check that they are providing care to the correct person. Check that the information on the band is correct. If not, tell the staff as soon as possible as staff need to be sure that they are giving you the right treatment, such as medications.

REACH - Patient and Family Activated Escalation

REACH is an easy to use system to raise concerns if you notice a worrying change in your condition or that of your loved one.

We encourage you to first raise your concerns directly with your nurse or doctor. If you remain worried after speaking with your nurse or doctor, REACH provides you with more options to escalate your concerns further. Visit here for more information.

Clinical Handover

Clinical handovers usually happen at your bedside and you, or your family/carer are a very important part of the clinical handover conversation. You can expect to be involved in this conversation. There maybe things you are worried about and it is OK to ask questions or voice your concerns.

Please visit

What is a Blood Clot:

When you are in hospital, the doctor will check if you are at risk of getting a blood clot. Your doctor may give you medicine or special stockings to help lower your risk. Ask your doctor or nurse if you have any questions or visit here for more information

Getting Ready for Surgery

Hunter New England Local Health District's Get Ready for your surgery booklet aims to help you to plan for your hospital stay ahead of your scheduled surgery. The booklet provides information on what to do and what to expect before and after your surgery. It also includes things you can do now to improve your health in preparation for your surgery.

Access the booklet by clicking on the link below. In line with our sustainability policy we encourage patients, their families and carers to use this booklet as an online resource. Should you decide you need a paper copy, the booklet is easily printable at home. Your local hospital also has copies of this booklet they can provide you with if required.