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Our Values

Hunter New England Health is committed to the ongoing building of an organisation that lives our values. Our values are integral to the way we do business.

The CORE Values and the NSW Ministry of Health Code of Conduct provide the framework for the standards of behaviour demonstrated at Hunter New England Health.

We encourage collaboration, openness and respect in the workplace to create a sense of empowerment for our people to use their knowledge, skills and experience to provide excellence in patient care for every patient, every time.

We expect all our employees, volunteers, VMO's and contractors to demonstrate these values and to work with us in creating a healthy and proactive work place and work culture.  You will often see or hear 'The Values' referred to within Hunter New England Health.


We are committed to working collaboratively with each other to achieve the best possible outcomes for our patients who are at the centre of everything we do.

In working collaboratively we acknowledge that every person working in the health system plays a valuable role that contributes to achieving the best possible outcome.

In living this value we commit to;

  • Working together to achieve the corporate strategic direction and goals
  • Taking responsibility for our contribution to effective team performance
  • Sharing information, knowledge and skills with our colleagues
  • Capitalising on the individual strengths of the team to achieve service delivery requirements
  • Actively seeking ways of adding value to the team
  • Taking personal responsibility for following through on assigned tasks Celebrating our team successes
  • Acknowledging and giving credit to colleagues
  • Creating and maintaining internal and external partnerships
  • Encouraging others in their personal and professional growth and development on an ongoing basis
  • Demonstrating a 'can-do' approach
  • Communicating and acting in ways that enables others to do their job
  • Creating a nurturing and supportive environment that reflects our empathy for others


A commitment to openness in our communications builds confidence and greater cooperation. We are committed to encouraging our patients and all people who work in the health system to provide feedback hat will help us provide better services.

In living this value we commit to:

  • Communicating and acting in a truthful, transparent and open manner that builds trust in our workplace relationships
  • Provide comprehensive and accurate information to others
  • Taking responsibility for expressing our point of view  Acknowledge when we are wrong
  • Stating how we feel about things so others can understand our concerns
  • Acting on perceived inappropriate practice and behaviour
  • Speaking up if we observe practices that could be perceived as unethical
  • Seeking feedback on the quality of our service/practice; using the feedback as an opportunity to learn and as a means to promote positive change
  • Identifying and acting on opportunities to continuously improve everything we do
  • Acting in ways that show people it is safe to raise issues and express their opinions
  • Expressing our ideas on organisational issues in a constructive manner
  • Undertake critical self- reflection for self improvement


We have respect for the abilities, knowledge, skills and achievements of all people who work in the health system.  We are also committed to providing health services that acknowledge and respect the feelings, wishes and rights of our patients and their carers.

In living this value we commit to:

  • Communicating and behaving in ways that reflects our “passion” for our patient/client/customer so that they have a quality experience of the service provided
  • Being empathic, polite and professional in our interactions with staff and clients
  • Observing common courtesies, manners and greetings
  • Communicating and behaving in ways that maintain the self-esteem and dignity of myself and others
  • Actively listening to our colleagues so they feel they have been heard
  • Treating people equally, without prejudice
  • Valuing the diversity of our work colleagues and community
  • Addressing conflict directly with one another in a respectful manner that focuses on early resolution
  • Acknowledging and valuing each member of the team
  • Consistently acting in ways that model our agreed Standards of Behaviour
  • Believing that each person is contributing to the team
  • Meeting our obligations for punctuality and attendance


In providing quality health care services we aim to ensure our patients are able to make well informed and confident decisions about their care and treatment.

In living this value we commit to:

  • Delivering patient and client focused service that engenders trust and confidence in the health service
  • Seeing the patient as an individual, rather than a medical condition
  • Recognising when patients and/or team members are troubled and support them appropriately
  • Acknowledging the different levels of healthcare knowledge within the community and providing education and support
  • Considering the implications for others when making decisions
  • Providing reasons and rationale for decisions taken
  • Utilising resources in a responsible way to achieve quality service delivery results
  • Striving to achieve a quality result in everything we do and say
  • Committing to lifelong learning by updating our knowledge and skills regularly
  • Seeking out and encouraging innovation and creativity
  • Accepting and embracing challenge and change
  • Questioning what is and creating what could be
  • Speaking up when we see our values being challenge