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For Applicants

Submitting your Application

All candidates need to submit their application online via the HNELHD Career Portal.  The first step in the process will be to register and create your profile. Tip for NSW Health Staff – you can use your Employee Single Sign-on to apply for positions.

When creating your application online you will be asked to provide a resume and respond to the selection criteria as well as attach any other documentation such as qualifications, work rights, cover letter etc…to support your application.

It is via the career portal that you will be able track your applications and complete additional tasks required throughout the recruitment process.

Please Note: we are unable to accept applications for positions not advertised, but you can subscribe to our Job Alerts. If you are NSW Health employee you will not receive job alerts so please check the career portal regularly.

Addressing the Selection Criteria

It is via the career portal that you will be able track your applications and complete additional tasks required throughout the recruitment process.

1. MAKE TIME - Schedule time to read and understand the selection criteria, position description and job advertisement. A thorough understanding of all these elements will help to tailor your responses.

2. ANALYSE EACH SELECTION CRITERION - Always address every criterion. Start by making a few quick points on each one and brainstorm as many ideas and relevant examples of how you meet each criterion.

3. LOOK CLOSER - Be aware of key expressions and levels required in each criterion. Skills may be required at different levels, ensure your responses reflect the required level of skill.

4. KEEP IT SHORT AND SIMPLE - Unless otherwise specified, please keep your responses to a maximum of 3/4 of a page. Make sure you give specific responses.

5. PUTTING IT ALL TOGETHER - Use the SAO approach to address each selection criterion clearly and concisely.

Situation - Where and when did you do it?

Action - What did you do and how did you do it?

Outcome - What was the result of your actions?

6. TECHNICAL TIP - Writing effective selection criteria takes time. Prepare all your responses in a saved Word document so you can 'cut and paste' your final responses into our online recruitment system.

7. CHECK, CHECK, CHECK - Make sure you have used positive strong language. Revise your selection criteria for spelling and grammatical errors and ask a colleague / friend or family member to review your responses for you.

For additional help please see our Job Application Guide


If your application is shortlisted for an interview, the Hiring Manager or key contact will be in touch to advise you of:

  • Interview date, time and location
  • Who will be on the Interview Panel

You will be requested to log back into the career portal to complete a number of tasks.  You may need to have the following documentation ready to complete them correctly:

  • 100 points of identification
  • Employee Working with Children Check number from Service NSW child related positions (cost is $80)
  • Staff Health and Vaccination documents
  • Two references

You may also be required to undertake an activity such as a presentation, role play or other role specific activities. Information may be provided prior to your interview about this.

HNELHD Recruitment is committed to creating an inclusive interview and work environment that supports all candidates.  Please advise us if you need assistance or have any adjustment requirements for your interview by contacting the Hiring Manager or Key Contact in the first instance.

For additional help please see our Job Application Guide

Pre-employment Checks

All information you provide to HNELHD during the application process must be verified as complete and current.

These pre-employment checks include but are not limited to:

  • Reference checks
  • Current professional registration/licence
  • Membership/eligibility for relevant professional boards, colleges or associations
  • Evidence of relevant professional boards, colleges or associations
  • Evidence of relevant characteristics for identified or targeted positions
  • Working with Children Check, National Police Check, Aged Care Check or NDIS Check as required by the role
  • 100-point ID Check
  • Citizenship/residency and working visa status
  • Immunisation status
  • Employment Health Assessment

For more information Occupational Assessment, Screening and Vaccination Requirements we have created this video to assist you in this process.

Please note: Occupational Assessment, Screening, and Vaccination Requirements have been updated since the creation of this video, the latest version of the requirements can be found here.

Offer of Employment

Should you be the recommended candidate and your pre-employment checks clear, the Hiring Manager will be in touch. This is your opportunity to ask questions and discuss a start date.

Your written Offer of Employment will be sent to you via the Career Portal and you will receive an email notification when it is ready. To find out more about commencing working at HNELHD, visit our New Employees section.

Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Candidates - SteppingUp Resource

SteppingUp aims to assist Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander aspiring applicants understand how to apply for roles within NSW Health by clarifying the recruitment process and addresses some of the challenges that can be experienced by Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander applicants. This a fantastic resource for effective application of roles within NSW Health.

Please visit the SteppingUp website for more information.

Overseas Applicants

HHNELHD Nursing and Midwifery Services provide a service designed to provide Nurses and Midwives and their Managers with support and advice about Migration matters.
Once a decision has been made by the facility/service to employ an overseas nurse or midwife a sponsorship nomination for permanent or temporary residency for suitable experienced and skilled nurses and Midwives will be processed.

Contacts During the Recruitment Process

For technical issues with the career portal - Helpdesk 1300 679 367

For questions about the position and the process - Contact the Hiring Manager or key contact

For Aboriginal Employment - Aboriginal Employment Coordinator Fred.Maher@health.nsw.gov.au

All other queries contact HNELHD-Jobs@health.nsw.gov.au