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Project Specific

The Principal Investigator / Supervisor is responsible for completing and submitting all documents relating to the set-up of the external researcher contingent worker

Before this process can be initiated, the below must have occurred:

  1. External researcher named on the initial Site Specific Application or added as a site investigator via a site amendment in REGIS
  2. Governance Authorisation via Site Specific Application or Access Request

Please follow the below steps for this process:

  1. Principal Investigator facilitate the completion of the below documents:
    1. PROJECT SPECIFIC - Research Assistant Contingent Worker – application form
    2. NSW Health code of conduct
    3. Privacy undertaking
    4. Identification checklist

In addition to the above forms, one of the following forms is also required dependent on the type of contractor:

  1. External providers who are paid by those providers.  HNELHD will accept the providers/contractors National Police Check (NPC) however they will need to complete the Personal Details Form
  2. Unpaid contractors (e.g. University students working as part of their PHD and require access to HNE systems). These contractors will be required to complete the National Police Check (NPC) Consent form

In addition, if accessing clinical systems off-site, you will also need to request remote access via this form:

  1. Network User Access Form (UAF) Support Account for External Vendor
  2. Principal Investigator/ HNE supervisor to submit application package (Please collate into one winzip file when submitting) to HNELHD-CRC@health.nsw.gov.au including:
    1. all above documents (click here for complete document package)
    2. Site Specific authorisation