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HETI: Rural Research Capacity Building Program

The Rural Research Capacity Building Program (RRCBP) is one of NSW Health’s key strategies for building research capacity in rural NSW, as reflected in the NSW Rural Health Plan.

The two year experiential research program provides a structured pathway of learning designed to provide novice researchers with enhanced skills and knowledge to complete their own research projects.

Candidates attend a series of workshops and concurrently develop their research proposal, create the research protocol, gain approval by an ethics committee, collect and analyse data and complete a portfolio of evidence and research report.

NSW Health employees who are rurally located with no previous experience or limited exposure to research are eligible to apply.

Applicants must include a research proposal with their submission. It is recommended candidates discuss their proposal with the Rural Research Program Officer. Alignment of the applicant’s proposal with Local Health District Strategic Plan or NSW Health strategic or operational priorities is required.

There are no funding rounds currently open, please refer to the HNE Research Office Calendar of Opportunities for predicted future dates.


All HNE staff considering applying for this program please contact:

HNE Research Office: Kathryn Reilly

Email: HNELHD-ResearchOffice@health.nsw.gov.au

Phone: (02) 4921 4140

Health Education & Training Institute (HETI) - for further information on the program and eligibility:

Kerith Duncanson, Senior Program Manager - Rural Research Education

Phone: 0428 848 264

Email: kerith.duncanson@health.nsw.gov.au

David Schmidt, Senior Program Manager - Rural Research Education

Phone: 0447 915 863 / (02) 6492 9104

Email: david.schmidt@health.nsw.gov.au