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Our Work

The Allied Health Research Network (AHRN) has been developed to facilitate HNE Health based allied health and multidisciplinary research.  The aim is to develop the research skills of Allied Health staff, and to support clinicians to undertake practice-based research that is directed towards improving patient, health and service outcomes.

Responsibilities and scope of activities includes:

-  To seek out funding opportunities and grants for projects.
-  To make recommendations regarding distribution of research funding.
-  To coordinate the Allied Health Research Grant program.
-  To assist staff with preparation of grant submissions and ethics proposals.
-  To develop a network of resources to support allied health staff in research.
-  To facilitate education for staff regarding research through an active learning model.
-  To assist staff in research design.
-  To facilitate research mentoring.
-  To promote research activities of HNE allied health staff.
-  To facilitate collaboration between HNE Health, HMRI and the University.
-  Maintain alignment with various clinical groups, networks and streams.
-  Act as a conduit to state and national networks.
-  Monitor progress of allied health research initiatives within the Local Health District and provide support and assistance.
Clinical support
-  To ensure that research initiatives address clinical needs within HNE health, and are approved by the relevant managers.
-  Assist clinicians in practice evaluation to ensure practice is in alignment with clinical guidelines.
-  Assist clinical staff to develop clinically relevant questions.