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The recent drought, arguably the worst NSW has ever seen, was the catalyst for key water sustainability initiatives to be introduced under our bold initiative.

Between now and 2030, we will be aiming to collect 100 per cent of the rainwater that falls on our hospitals’ rooftops.

We’ll also be working with staff at each of our hospitals to find appropriate ways to reuse and recycle water to make the most of the precious resource.

An award-winning strategy is already putting clean, excess water, produced as a by-product of renal dialysis, to good use at Tamworth Hospital.

The excess 50,000 litres a week was once considered wastewater, but is now used to flush hospital toilets. With an investment of $15,000, the hospital is now saving 2.5 million litres of clean water going down the drain each year. This simple yet effective initiative will be rolled out to 10 more renal units in the District in coming years.


Our Targets

Decrease our water consumption by 50% from water utilities by 2030.

Rainwater is captured and reused at all HNE Health facilities by 2030.

Capacity for reverse osmosis water to be captured and reused at all renal dialysis sites by 2030.

Our Measures

Reduce water consumption from water utilities by 5% per year for 10 years off the 2020 baseline of 440000kL.

10% of sites per year capture and reuse rainwater.

10% of renal sites per year introduce reverse osmosis.


01: Establish infrastructure to capture and reuse rain water across all HNE Health facilities
02: Capture and reuse reverse osmosis water across all 11 Renal Dialysis units
03: Reduce water waste through leak detection and repair
04: Implementation of low-flow fixtures
05: Reduce and reuse water loss in cooling systems
06: Review water-intensive hospital equipment (Sterilisation, Food, Laundry)