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In coming years, solar panels will be installed on the rooftop of all of our health facilities, including John Hunter Hospital, which will soon be home to the largest solar panel installation on any hospital in the country.

The $3.2 million solar panel installation will cover 12,000 square metres, about 85 per cent, of the hospital's roof space.

We’ve already made a head-start on our solar panel targets. We’re already harnessing clean, renewable power at a number of hospitals and work is underway to begin panel installation on more facilities in coming months. Our work will also significantly contribute to the state’s Net Zero Plan aspirational solar target.


Our Target

Zero electricity consumption from non- renewable sources by 2030.

Our Measure

Reduce by 10% p.a off the 2020 baseline of 100,000 MWh.


01: Install solar panels on all HNE Health Facilities
02: LED and sensory lighting upgrades at all HNE Health Facilities
03: Upgrade chiller systems at all HNE Health Facilities
04: Work with Government and Private stakeholders to explore and evaluate renewable energy opportunities
05: Upgrade to low  energy efficient electrical equipment
06: Reduce  unnecessary energy usage through staff education (turn the lights off)