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eBikes as Fleet Vehicles

Gearing up for Greener Transport

We choose to ride rather than drive.

Our Population Health team based at Wallsend Health Campus are gearing up for greener transport by swapping fleet cars for electric bicycles to attend meetings and appointments at frequently visited sites including John Hunter Hospital, Hunter Medical Research Institute, Calvary Mater Hospital and University of Newcastle.

The 12-month pilot project launched in May 2024 is aiming to determine the feasibility of incorporating electric bicycles into the HNELHD fleet pool. Staff who volunteered to participate in the pilot project completed a comprehensive ‘eBike competency course’ hosted by Sydney based education provider Pedal Set Go.

The eBikes as Fleet Vehicle pilot project is aiming to reduce carbon emissions associated with staff travel and promote physical and mental health and wellbeing outcomes for staff. In addition, riding electric bicycles is expected to be time and cost effective compared to driving a car.

If you have any questions relating to the eBikes as Fleet Vehicle Project please contact:

HNELHD Sustainability Project Officer: Alana Stoeger at Alana.Stoeger@health.nsw.gov.au

If you have any questions relating to the HNELHD Sustainability Strategy or other Sustainability Projects please don’t hesitate to contact:

HNELHD Sustainability Project Team at HNELHD-SustainableHealthcare2030@health.nsw.gov.au