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Our Target

Through its procurement HNE Health will set clear signals to the market in favour of sustainability, innovation, and the promotion of cleaner and more socially responsible products and services. HNE Health will base
its choice of goods and services on:

  • economic considerations;
  • environmental considerations; and
  • social considerations.

Our Measures

HNE Health will become  ISO 20400 compliant  by 2030.

ISO 20400: provides guidance to organisations, on integrating sustainability within procurement.


01: Implementation of ISO 24000 – sustainability procurement
02: Completing analysis to identify top 10 high impact items (quick win). Exploring opportunities to introduce for more sustainable products
03: Working with HealthShare and JHH executive, eliminating 360,000 water bottles from landfill.
04: Working with JHH Surgical Services, reviewing all surgical packs and removing redundant items
05: Implementing “phase-out of single-use plastics” in Food Services Consumables
06: Attracting suppliers’ interests in recycling programs. Developing relationships, and encouraging transparency of products’ material specifications