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The District’s fleet of work vehicles is also going green. Gradually, fleet vehicles will be transitioned firstly to hybrid and then pure electric models, replacing petrol and diesel vehicles. E-charging stations will be installed on our sites. Between 2020 and 2030, we will replace 10 percent of our fleet with pure electric models. At the end of the decade we will, without a doubt, be able to say we have achieved our target – 100 percent of our fleet will be clean, green pure electric vehicles.

Wherever possible, our staff will use video conferencing to reduce unnecessary travel for everyday business, and when they need to drive it will be cleaner than ever.

We’ll also be making it easier for staff to carpool or ride their bikes to work and when they travel out of town for work we’ll identify preferred ‘green’ accommodation and flight providers.


Our Targets

Zero contribution to carbon emissions from all HNE Health fleet vehicles by 2030.

To support staff and visitors in reducing their transport carbon emissions.

Our Measures

Reduce fleet vehicle CO2 emissions by 10% per annum off our 2020 baseline of 3000 tonnes.

10% decrease in the use of single car travel to HNE facilities by 2030.


01: Move HNE Health fleet vehicles to hybrid electric
02: Implement ride to work strategy across all major Hospitals
03: Implement e-charging stations across HNE facilities
04: Implement car pooling strategies
05: Reduce staff business travel through the use of technology advancements including telehealth
06: Sustainable Travel – Identify and encourage the use of “Green” accommodation and flight providers