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How to Submit: Site Specific Application (REGIS)

All Site-specific applications must be submitted via REGIS for each HNELHD site approved by Ethics.
1.0Complete the Site-Specific Application (SSA) within REGIS 
1.1If lead HREC is not within REGIS (external to NSW) a project registration will need to be created first and all HREC approved documents, HREC approvals and site documents will need to be uploaded

Completing Project Registration

1.2If lead HREC is within REGIS (NSW) a site application will automatically be generated and you will need to only upload documents specific to the site applicationSite Application - Completing, Requesting Head of Department Support and Submitting
2.0Complete SSA using HNELHD specific documents:

Guidance to Completing a Site-Specific Application to HNELHD Research Office in REGIS

HNELHD Research Governance Checklist for Researchers

3.0Complete and upload a cover letter

HNELHD Research Governance Cover letter

Please note:

Any patient facing documents that have been approved by the lead HREC as a master require a site-specific version (such as Participant Information Sheet and Consent Form/s) and must align to HNELHD requirements.