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FYI: Research Specific HNE Position Number titles for (HNE Finance Managers)

For the applicant to be established on StaffLink a StaffLink research related position number is required.  If the appropriate research related position number does not exist within the appropriate cost centre, please advise this via the Cover Letter and a position number will be created when submitting application. No further request for position number will be required.

Positions Numbers for Research related HNE Contingent Worker (Contractor) applications

The following HNE Contingent Worker (contractor) position number titles only are to be used for all project specific research related contingent worker positions:

  • Research - to be used if applicant is a Principal or Associate Investigator
  • Research Assistant- to be used if the applicant is a research coordinator; research assistant or similar

To simplify processes in setting up the research specific position number within the relevant HNE cost centres, the Service Manager is required to provide details and co-sign the HNE Research Specific Contingent Worker Cover Letter that the HNE Supervisor will provide to ensure they are aware of the application, and are confirming that:

  • The cost centre provided is a payroll cost centre
  • The reporting line provided is correct
  • Whether a specific Research or Research Assistant Contingent worker (contractor) position number already exists within this cost centre and provides further details if not.

The following NSW Health checklist for determining whether a position or a class or positions require a Working With Children Check is to be completed and submitted signed by the Service Manager (under recommendation) and submitted with each application where there is no current specific Research or Research Assistant Contingent Worker (contractor) position number already established.

NB: Please attach completed Statutory Declaration if Aged Care Check is required

Once this information is provided and confirmed appropriate, the relevant position number will be set up within the service cost centre if not already established. The Contingent Worker (Contractor) application will then proceed for review. There will be no additional requirement from Finance Managers to request the establishment of the position numbers.