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NSW Health: Translational Research Grant Scheme (TRGS)

Round 8 - EOIs OPEN

The Translational Research Grants Scheme (TRGS) funds competitive research grants up to $500,000 for projects that will translate into better patient outcomes, health service delivery, and population health and wellbeing while also building research capability within NSW Health. The NSW Office for Health and Medical Research (OHMR) have now opened their eighth round of TRGS funding available to staff within NSW LHDs, SHNs, NSW Ambulance, and NSW Health Pathology, including medical staff, nursing staff, allied health professionals and population health practitioners. TRGS aims to incentivise research that is a priority for the State or articulated in local strategic research plans, and to support the translation of research into policy and practice.

There are four key priority research areas for TRGS 8. All projects must align with one of these:

  1. Models of care
  2. Surgical innovation
  3. Locally identified needs
  4. Aboriginal and rural health

HNELHD Internal Review Process

i) Notification of Intent (NOI)

The HNE Research Office (HNE RO) will again conduct an Internal Review process for submissions to this round and any HNE staff intending to apply are encouraged to submit an NOI outlining:

  • Proposed research project.
  • Alignment with a local need and/or statewide strategy, policy or process.
  • Engagement with relevant research and implementation partners such as Service/General Managers, Clinicians, NSW Health Agencies, Statewide services and Universities/Medical Research Institutes.
  • Proposed research team members.

NOIs are due to HNE Research Office by COB 27 March 2024.

ii) Expression of Interest (EOI)

EOIs are to be submitted online via Award Force. The HNE Research Office will conduct an internal review of all submitted EOIs to inform recommendations to the Chief Executive.

All NSW LHDs are capped at submitting a maximum of 6 applications, 1 of which must target Aboriginal Health or Rural Health. The HNE Chief Executive is responsible for submitting HNELHD applications whether HNE is the host or partner to an application from another LHD.

HNELHD Endorsement

Applicants MUST obtain appropriate HNE Management endorsement for each HNELHD Service/Department/Unit impacted by their project. Applicants will be asked to nominate the appropriate Finance, Service/Department/Line Managers, and Director or General Manager to review and endorse their project. Please refer to EOI ‘Section E – Certification by HNELHD Managers and Executive’.

Endorsement at Finance, Service/Department/Unit, Facility AND Executive levels is also required for EOIs submitted by another LHD in which HNE is listed as a partner. Any application that is not fully endorsed cannot be recommended for HNELHD approval.

Administering Organisation

Host Organisations may wish to partner with an Administering Organisation to hold the grant funds for the period of the grant. The Administering Organisation must be a university, medical research institute, or non-government organisation that conducts health and medical research in NSW. Details of Administering Organisations are not required at EOI stage.

Request for Partnering Organisation Approval

The NSW Health Translational Research Grants Scheme (TRGS) Round 7 Guidelines requires applicants to gain approval from Partnering Organisations (i.e. local health districts, specialty health networks, NSW Ambulance and NSW Health Pathology) for all sites where the project is being conducted.

TRGS Coordinators will facilitate this process on behalf of applicants.

At the Expression of Interest (EOI) stage, the TRGS Coordinator from all Partnering Organisations is required to sign the approval.

For those invited to submit a Full Application, the Chief Executive from all Partnering Organisations is required to approve and sign (section 7).

All applicants will be required to complete a Request for Partnering Organisation Approval Form for each Partnering Organisation in your Round 7 TRGS application.

The HNE TRGS Coordinator will then facilitate sign off by the respective Partnering Organisations at both EOI and Full Application stage.

OHMR Webinar

OHMR hosted an information webinar on 6 March 2024 to outline the process for TRGS Round 8, provide essential information about developing applications and how to engage with key statewide agencies and Ministry of Health branches.

Click here for the recording

If you are considering submitting an EOI for this year’s round we suggest you commence preparation by:

  • Consulting with relevant service managers and relevant research and other partners regarding your proposed project. Managers, at the Finance, Service, Department/Facility and Executive levels relevant to the project are required to formally approve submission of the EOI. The earlier they are engaged in and indicate support for the project, the greater the likelihood of a high quality proposal.
  • Establishing an investigator team that has strong clinical, scientific and translation expertise.
  • Engaging with relevant investigators/partners from other sites, LHDs and NSW Health Pillars/Agencies through which the project will be conducted, and if successful, translated into routine practice.
  • Consulting with and engaging relevant Aboriginal investigators and partners in the development of the EOI and in the plans for the delivery of the project if your project is focused on Aboriginal Health.
  • Completing and submitting the attached HNE Notification of Intent (NOI) Form.
  • Visiting the TRGS website and review the resources prior to starting.
  • Reviewing the OHMR resources NSW Health & Medical Research | Educational resources
  • Thoroughly reviewing the Round 8 TRGS Guidelines and EOI Form including requirements for HNE Manager and Partner Approvals.

Key Dates

Please note dates below take into account the HNELHD Internal Review Process for HNE staff.

Stage 1: Expression of Interest

Information Webinar

6 March 2024


via HNELHD-ResearchOffice@health.nsw.gov.au

27 March 2024

Feedback to all NOI applicants: 

5 April 2024

EOI DUE to HNE RO via Award Force:

Including Partner Organisation Approval Forms (word doc)

15 May 2024

Notification of EOIs to progress to OHMR:

6 June 2024

HNE Research Office gains CE endorsement and submits to OHMR:

3 July 2024

Stage 2: Full applications

Invitation to progress to Full application:


1 November 2024

Full Application DUE to HNE RO:

via HNELHD-ResearchOffice@health.nsw.gov.au

7 March 2025

Outcome Notified:


May 2025

Funding awarded:

June – July 2025

Application Documents


NSW Office of Health and Medical Research (OHMR) website:


Enquiries can be directed to:

Research Development Manager / HNELHD TRGS Coordinator:

Dr Kathryn Reilly, Kathryn.Reilly@health.nsw.gov.au

HNELHD Research Office: HNELHD-ResearchOffice@health.nsw.gov.au