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Services Available at Maitland Hospital

Service nameDescriptionLocation
Emergency Department
Assessment of urgent patients who cannot wait to see their GP.
For more information about the Emergency Department click here.
Ground floor. Use Emergency department entrance ( no public access from the main entrance).

Open:  24hours a day, 7 days a week including public holidays.
Inpatient Services
Patients who are staying at the  hospital (admitted) receive these services.

Doctors, Nurses and Allied health staff  (Physiotherapists, Occupational Therapists, Dieticians, Speech Pathologists, Social Workers and Allied Health Assistants) work on the Inpatient wards.

See below for individual service information
3A and 3B
4C and 4D.
Patients who are sick with a range of issues or recovering from surgery will be treated here.Wards 3A and 3B, Level 3.

Wards 4C and 4D. Level 4.
Mental Health Unit Treatment of conditions relating to the mind, brain and well being.
For more information about HNE Mental Health Services click here.
Mental Health Unit, Level 3.
Birthing UnitFor birthing women or women who present with complication of pregnancy.
For more information about Maternity Services at Maitland Hospital click here.
Level 1
Special Care UnitBabies requiring close monitoring and treatment.Level 1
Children and Adolescents WardUnit in the hospital for children and young people up to the age of 17 years.Ward  4B, Level 4.
Maternity WardServices to manage mothers before, during and after giving birth.
For more information about Maternity Services at Maitland Hospital click here.
Ward 4A, Level 4.
Intensive Care UnitPatients requiring close monitoring and high treatment needs will be looked after here.
For more information about What to expect in ICU click here.
ICU,  Level 1.
Day Procedure UnitPatients having surgery but not requiring an overnight stay.Level 1.
Outpatient ServicesOutpatients visit the hospital for diagnosis or treatment but don't stay at the hospital overnight.Most outpatient services are on the Ground floor, see below for specific service information.
Outpatient ClinicsOutpatient clinics include a range of doctor, nurse and allied health led clinics. See below for clinics that operate from Maitland Hospital.Outpatient clinic area, Ground floor.
Allied HealthBroad range of health professionals who work with doctors and nurses to treat short term or long term health conditions.Outpatient clinic area, Ground floor.
CardiologySpecialist Doctors and nurses for people with heart problems.Outpatient clinic area, Ground floor.
General Surgical and MedicalFor people who have a range of issues requiring a specialist DoctorOutpatient clinic area, Ground floor.
GeriatricSpecialist Doctor to see older people for medical careOutpatient clinic area, Ground floor.
GynaecologySpecialist Doctors to see women with gynaecological issues.Outpatient clinic area, Ground floor.
General Surgical and MedicalFor people who have a range of issues requiring a specialist DoctorOutpatient clinic area, Ground floor.
Medical ImagingProviding x-ray, OPG, ultrasound, CT and MRI services to emergency department patients, inpatients and privately referred outpatients. Medical Imaging, Ground floor.
Naae WanniAboriginal Maternal and Infant Health ServiceOutpatient clinic area, Ground floor.
OrthopaedicTreatment or assessment of bones, muscles or joints.Outpatient clinic area, Ground floor.
Oncology service

Specialist oncology consultation, treatment and care for oncology patients receiving chemotherapy, immunotherapies and other supportive treatments.

Ground floor.
Open: Monday to Friday 8:00am- 5:00pm.
Paediatric clinics
A special area that deals with health issues for children and adolescents.
Outpatient clinic area, Ground floor.
Paediatric Hospital in the HomeSpecialist service to help children avoid hospital admission or allow admitted children to go home earlier.Outpatient clinic area, Ground floor.
Pre- AdmissionSome people who are going to have a hospital stay are seen here first.Outpatient clinic area, Ground floor.
RespiratoryNurse led clinic for people with a range of lung, chest and breathing issues.Outpatient clinic area, Ground floor.
Stoma therapyAssists patients who have or will have a stoma.Outpatient clinic area, Ground floor.
StrokeSpecialist doctors  see people who have had a strokeOutpatient clinic area, Ground floor.
Wound ManagementComplex wound assessment and management.Outpatient clinic area, Ground floor.
GP Access After HoursAfter hours GP service.
For more information about GP Access After Hours click here.
Ground floor. Use Main Entrance.
Phone: 1300 130 147.
Monday- Friday: 6:00pm to 11:00pm.
Saturdays: 1:00pm to 11:00pm.
Sundays and public holidays: 9:00am to 11:00pm.

Other Outpatient Services


Dental care to all children (under 18years of age) and eligible adults.

For more information about NSW Health Public Dental ( Oral Health) services click here.

For more information about the Dental Service at Maitland Hospital click here.

Ground floor.
Hospital PharmacyHospital pharmacy for inpatients.Lower Ground floor (via lifts)
Medical ImagingTaking pictures of your body with a variety of methods. Includes X-Ray, MRI, CT scans, Ultrasound.
For more information about Medical Imaging click here.
Ground floor.
Pathology CollectionWhere you go to get a blood test,  and other services including:
- Blood pressure and ECG testing
- Glucose Tolerance tests ( By appointment only)
For more information on NSW Health Pathology click here.
Ground floor.
Renal DialysisTreatment to support kidney function.
Haemodialysis is the treatment for people with end stage kidney disease.
All referrals and initial appointments are managed by the John Hunter Hospital Nephrology Department.
Ground floor.

Open: Monday to Saturday, 7:00am to 9:30:pm.