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How to submit: Access Request

An access request should be submitted instead of a Site Specific Application (SSA) for all human research projects that require support from a NSW Public Health Organisation (PHO) in the form of access to participants, tissue or data but do not involve the conduct of research at that PHO.

For example, access request review should be used if the project involves one or more of the following activities at the PHO:

  • participant recruitment through posters, leaflets, handouts and letter of invitation but not recruitment through direct contact with potential participants or enrolment;
  • distribution of surveys and questionnaires through staff of the PHO, but not collation and analysis of responses at that PHO, and;
  • access to data or tissue held at the PHO, but not processing or analysis at that PHO.

Only one form is required for HNELHD; it is not necessary to complete a form for each individual facility, location or service within HNELHD, however written confirmation of support from each HNE facility, locations or services through which you are seeking access to participants, tissue or data is required to be submitted with your access request.

The Research Governance Officer has the discretion to request that the application is submitted for site specific assessment if they consider that the project involves the conduct of research at a site.

Click here - Access Request Form

Submitting an access request form: Please forward the completed application form along with the below (1-4) to the HNE Research Governance Office via: HNELHD-ResearchOffice@health.nsw.gov.au

  1. a copy of the HREC letter of approval;
  2. a copy of the Human Research Ethics Application (HREA) form;
  3. all documents to be distributed through the facilities, locations or services within the PHO; and
  4. written confirmation of support from staff of the facilities, locations or services through which you are seeking access to participants, tissue or data*

(*) Written confirmation of support can be received from:

  • head of department/manager who agreed to distribute questionnaires or surveys to staff by e-mail; and
  • head of department or data custodian who agreed to provide access to medical records, data or tissue held in collections or databases under their management, in line with ethical conditions imposed by the approving HREC

Please note:

  • Access Request's that are submitted without written confirmation from the HNE facility, location or service will not be accepted
  • Access requests written confirmation of support will only be accepted by head of department/manager or data custodian
  • Please allow 14 days for access request to be reviewed and processed