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Step 2: For external researchers/support staff seeking access

Please ensure ALL of the following documents are completed/collated and sent to the HNE Principal Investigator/HNE Supervisor:

HNE Contingent Worker (Contractor) documents

  • Privacy Undertaking
  • Record of COVID-19 vaccination status (all NSW Health workers are required to have received at least one dose of a COVID-19 vaccine by 30 September 2021 and two doses by 30 November 2021 or have an approved medical contraindication certificate)
  • Have appropriate ID ready as per the Identification Checklist (previous 100 Pt ID)
  • Network User Access (if network access is required)

In addition to the above forms, one of the following forms is also required dependent on the type of contractor:

  • External providers who are paid by those providers.  HNELHD will accept the providers/contractors National Police Check (NPC) however they will need to complete the Personal Details Form
  • Unpaid contractors (e.g. University students working as part of their PHD and require access to HNE systems). These contractors will be required to complete the National Police Check (NPC) Consent form

Addition Research Specific Documents

  • Copy of HNE Site Authorisation for the relevant research project, so the contingent worker office can be assured that HNELHD has approved the conduct of this research.
  • Copy of HNE site amendment authorisation that ‘names’ the external researcher as authorised to work on this project (if the researcher is not already named within the site authorisation)
  • Signed NSW Health Code of Conduct