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Am I eligible to apply?

To be eligible for the Standard Pathway (workplace-based assessment) as an IMG at HNELHD you must comply with the following requirements:

  1. Successfully complete and pass the AMC MCQ Examination.
  2. Provide evidence of English Language Proficiency, Primary Source Verification and obtain limited registration (for Area of Need) under the Health Practitioner National Law Act 2009.
  3. Be employed by HNELHD as a Medical Officer for six (6) months prior to commencing the WBA Program at 0.6 FTE (equivalent 3 days per week) as a minimum.  This period could have been worked in previous years with a break in service and then returning to HNELHD.
  4. Have a contract of employment with HNELHD, which spans:
    1. For a period of six (6) months prior to commencing the WBA Program.
    2. (If required) the period between the completion of the six-month pre-WBA employment period and the commencement of the next WBA Program.
    3. The entirety of the 26-week program, however we recommend that your contract also covers the 3 months following completion of the program to allow flexibility for AMC results panel to review and sign off.
  5. Provide evidence of completed supervisor reports, WRIG 30 or similar assessment forms, signed by your supervisor stating that you have satisfactorily completed six months of HNE employment during the pre-WBA period.
  6. Provide evidence that you are registered to attend or have completed HNELHD International Medical Graduate Orientation Program.

To ensure an equitable application process, applicants will be waitlisted in order of priority, in accordance with their overall eligibility to join the program, as well as their start date with HNELHD, and the date they submit a formal application.

What is the duration of the Program

  • The HNELHD is a 6 month / 26 weeks program. 2 Cohorts per year Cohort 1 February and  Cohort 2 August.

How many candidates are accepted in each cohort?

  • There are two (2) cohorts for the WBA Program each year.
  • The number of candidates accepted into a cohort will depend on availability of assessors over the 26-week period. Currently this is limited to 20 candidates per cohort.

How much does it cost?

  • The WBA Program costs $12,500, plus an additional AMC registration fee of approximately $1,000.
  • The first payment of $5000 is to be paid at the mandatory WBA Candidate information session.
  • The remaining payment of $7500.00 will be deducted approximately three (3) months into the program.

Can I apply for leave during the program?

  • Candidates must not apply for annual leave for a period exceeding two (2) weeks during the 26-week assessment period.
  • Candidates are also required to declare if they have a personal, family or professional commitment that will result in them taking leave and/or prevent them from working for the entire 26-week assessment period.

Do I get the AMC certificate when I finish?

  • Candidates on the WBA Program who successfully complete the Program’s requirements are awarded the AMC Certificate, which provides a qualification required for registration.

WBA HNE assessment tools

360° Assessments (Month One and Six)

A 360° Assessment is multi-source feedback assessment, which provides insight and evidence of a candidate’s performance over time from a number of medical colleagues and co-workers. It does not relate to any one specific patient encounter, however it is a broader review of a candidates overall skills and ability.

These assessments are aimed at improving workplace performance, with 360° assessments being completed during month one (1) and month six (6) of the program.

Mini Clinical Evaluation Exercise (Mini-CEX)

The Mini-CEX involves the direct observation of a candidate in a clinical encounter with a real patient for 15-20 minutes, followed by immediate feedback by the assessor on their performance for a further 10 – 15 minutes.

The candidate’s performance in the Mini-CEX is rated by the assessor using an electronic standardised structured rating form. This form is available on the iPad provided to the candidate at commencement of program.

Each candidate is required to undertake twelve (12) Mini-CEX assessments – two (2) in each of the six (6) clinical areas:

  • Medicine
  • Surgery
  • Emergency Medicine
  • Mental Health
  • Paediatrics
  • Women’s Health

Case Based Discussion (CBD)

The goal of a CBD is to assess the candidate’s ability to discuss with the assessor the clinical reasoning involved in the clinical assessment, investigation, treatment, follow-up and overall clinical care of a particular patient. The CBDs also assess the candidate’s record keeping abilities.

CBDs take approximately twenty (20) minutes, followed by immediate feedback by the assessor on their performance for a further 10–15 minutes. The candidate’s performance in the CBD is rated by the assessor using an electronic standardised, structured rating form. This form is available on the iPad provided to the candidate at commencement of program.

  • Candidates must undertake six (6) CBDs selected from their own patient cohort.  The CBDs must be completed over the course of the 26 week WBA period.
  • Four CBDs will be conducted from the candidate’s patient cohort in the candidate’s allocated discipline;
  • Two CBDs will be conducted using patients that the candidate had been directly involved in managing and who had active co-morbid conditions in other disciplines e.g. a surgical patient with a co-morbidity in mental health.

For successful completion for HNE WBA candidates must be competent in 9 of 12 Mini-CEX, 5 of 6  CBD’s and the Month Six 360 Assessment (Summative).

It is a requirement that each candidate must read the Candidate Handbook which is supplied at the commencement of the program and make sure they abide by the rules of each clinical assessment.

Review and Appeals Process

1. Review

Candidates seeking to have the result of an assessment reviewed should email the WBA Program Office no later than three (3) working days after the result has been made available. The candidate must clearly specify the error they believe has been made in the determination of their result and how they reached this conclusion, providing evidence and specific examples if possible. The WBA Program Director may, in a timely manner, elect to seek a recommendation from the original assessor and may determine to:

  1. Leave the original result unchanged;
  2. Amend the result; or
  3. Ask an independent assessor to reassess.

The WBA Program Director will email the candidate and assessor once a determination has been made.

2. Appeals

Should a WBA Program candidate be deemed “Not Competent” overall, the candidate may lodge an appeal.  To lodge an appeal, the candidate must submit a written application with the WBA Program Office within 10 working days. Only appeals submitted to the WBA Program email account HNELHD-WBA@health.nsw.gov.au will be assessed, i.e. candidates are not to make appeals directly to individual assessors.)

In response to an appeal application, the WBA Program Appeals Committee, which is independent of the Program Team and the WBA Governance Committee, is convened.

The Appeals Committee operates according to its Terms of Reference and will consider the following in relation to the AMC required assessments:

  • Candidate personal circumstances (e.g. illness during the assessment);
  • Circumstances relating to the patient or the ward during the assessment (e.g. patient becoming unwell or a major disruption on the ward); and
  • Allegations that the assessor did not administer the assessment properly.

The WBA Program Appeals Committee may determine to:

  • Leave the original result unchanged;
  • Amend the result
  • Approve the candidate to sit a supplementary assessment.

The Appeals Committee will not consider operational requirements/employment related matters (e.g. pre-WBA 26 weeks requirement, accommodations for unplanned absence from work during the WBA etc.)

If the appeal process is exhausted at the level of HNELHD and the candidate has grounds for appeal, an appeal application can be lodged with the AMC through the WBA Guideline for Appeal process (refer to clause 5.2 Systematic Complaints).

3. Special Consideration

Candidates wishing to appeal the outcome of AMC mandated assessments must apply via the Appeals Process to the Appeals Committee.

Should a WBA candidate’s circumstances require special consideration in relation to the operational requirements/employment related matters (e.g. pre-WBA working requirement, accommodations for unplanned absence from work during the WBA etc.) the candidate must make a written submission to the WBA Program Director, who will consider the request according to HNELHD’s WBA special consideration guideline and provide a response with written reasons.

If the candidate disagrees with the decision of the WBA Program Director, the candidate may seek a review of the decision by the Special Consideration Committee, which is comprised of the Executive Medical Director, Executive Director Workforce and the Operational Executive. All requests for special consideration must be emailed to the WBA Program Director via the WBA Program office email at HNELHD-WBA@health.nsw.gov.au.