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AMC Workplace Based Assessment Program - Application Form

Information for Candidates applying for the AMC Workplace Based Assessment at HNELHD

Candidates working at the following locations are eligible to apply:

  • John Hunter Hospital and Rankin Park Hospital
  • Belmont District Hospital
  • The Maitland Hospital
  • Calvary Mater Hospital
  • HNE Mental Health
  • Manning Base Hospital
  • Rural candidates working at the following locations are eligible to apply:
  • Armidale Rural Referral Hospital
  • Tamworth Rural Referral Hospital
  • Manning Base Hospital Taree

Criteria for Selection of Candidates

Candidates will be notified by the AMC if they have been selected to commence in 2023/2024. The criteria used for priority is based on the following:

  1. Selection into the HNELHD WBA Program is in accordance with the HNELHD selection criteria which is in addition to meeting standard AMC eligibility criteria.
  2. Candidates must work as a doctor in HNELHD for six months prior to commencing the WBA Program at 0.6 FTE as a minimum. This period could have been worked in previous years with a break in service and then returning to HNELHD.
  3. Candidates must have a contract spanning the
    a. six month pre-WBA employment period,
    b. (if required) the period of time between the completion of the six month pre-WBA employment period and the commencement of the       next WBA Program
    c. a further 26 weeks whilst the candidate completes the WBA Program.
  4. Candidates must have a contract of employment and must be working for HNELHD for the entire duration of the 26 week workplace based assessment period as candidates must be observed in the workplace by a supervisor for the entire period and provide evidence of satisfactory completion of two – 3 monthly End of Term assessments.
  5. Candidates please note - the start date of each WBA Program will not always align with the end of the pre-WBA Program employment period.
  6. The number of candidates accepted into a cohort will depend on availability of assessors over the 26 week period. Applicants will be ranked in accordance with their start date working in HNELHD with an applicant only being accepted if they have worked the minimum 6 months pre-WBA employment period.
  7. Candidates must be employed as a doctor with a Medical Officer classification for no less than 0.6 FTE.
  8. Candidates must not apply for annual leave for a period exceeding two (2) weeks during the 26 week assessment period.
  9. Candidates are required to declare if they have a personal, family or professional commitment that will prevent them from working for the 26 week assessment period.
  10. Successful candidates are required to attend a mandatory Information Session and will be provided with a Candidate Resource Kit at the commencement of the WBA Program.

If you have been allocated a date by the AMC to sit your clinical examination, and you elect to sit for the exam, you cannot commence the WBA and you must inform the WBA Office of your decision immediately.

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