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Influenza Pandemic Planning

This site provides links to local (Hunter New England Health), State, National and International plans, policies and documents to improve preparedness for pandemic influenza.

Being prepared will help reduce the effects of a pandemic.

Pandemic preparations

The state of preparedness

HNE Health has emergency management plans and organisational arrangements that provide the foundations for managing services during health emergencies.

Each of the eight local health districts in New South Wales (including HNE Health) employs a Biopreparedness Epidemiologist to further develop plans. HNE Health also conducts research that has been used to guide state and national policy. In addition, a number of committees and working groups are responsible for developing contingency plans appropriate for health emergencies, including pandemics. A central Biopreparedness Unit has been set up at NSW Health in Sydney along with internal and external structures to mitigate against the impact of health disasters.

HNE Health has a comprehensive pandemic plan which can be adapted to suit a range of health emergencies. This is a living document that is regularly exercised to ensure health staff are familiar with their duties and responsibilities. Planning for pandemic response strategy can be adapted to suit other disaster situations.

The Commonwealth government and NSW Health have large stockpiles of medical goods including antibiotics, antiviral drugs, personal protective equipment and other equipment necessary for a health response an emergency.