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The Parenting Education Service

"Knowledge reduces fear and promotes confidence”

Learning about your pregnancy and growing baby, preparing for labour and the birth of your baby, preparing for the joys and challenges of becoming a parent are all very important parts of your antenatal care and planning.

The Manning Maternity Service offers the Birth and Parenting programs to support you and your partner with your physical, mental and emotional preparation for your pregnancy, birth, early parenting and feeding your baby.

The sessions are relaxed and informative, giving you and your support person the opportunity to meet other families and discuss ideas, thoughts and choices for birthing and parenting.

It is important to book your sessions early to ensure you don’t miss out on a time that best suits you.

Why come to our programs?

Attending face to face education programs will help you to learn more about your birth and parenting journey as we are able to tailor our programs to meet your specific learning needs. You will share the experience with other pregnant women and families which is an excellent parent-education to meet others about to become new parents.

Our qualified, welcoming team will provide an environment which is informal and relaxed. Our programs are interactive and based on the most up to date information.

Our past clients say

“I felt prepared for anything - best money spent on any course!”

“Good time out from our busy lives to focus on the pregnancy as a couple; it reinforced what we read on internet; partner found it very helpful.”

“Fantastic to meet & share with others at the same stage of pregnancy & share questions about birth, etc; reduced the fear about what we were facing; we are still in touch with our group on facebook.”

More information

General information about educational programs

  • Courses are held at Manning Hospital Staff Centre.
  • Maternity Services Tours are at Manning Hospital.

Contact the Antenatal Clinic now to book your place

Office hours are: Monday to Friday 9-4pm
Phone: (02) 6592 9491

Schedule of Face to Face Parenting Education Classes

Birth and Parenting Program                                                            Cost $60.00

  • Self-help strategies for labour and birth, including ways that the support person can offer support to the labouring woman.
  • Understanding labour and birth, including when to come to hospital.
  • Making informed decisions about your care, unexpected events of labour and after the birth
  • Breastfeeding, infant sleep, settling techniques, infant communication & other baby care topics.
  • Changes in the family relationships during the
    period of the transition to parenthood and offer some strategies to minimise distress in the early weeks.

To book your place please call our Antenatal clinic on (02) 6592 9491.

StatusDateDeliveryClass Times
AvailableMay 28th - June 18th, 20244-week Face to Face6pm to 8pm
AvailableJune 25th - July 16th, 20244-week Face to Face6pm to 8pm

Online Live Streamed programs

Online Live Streamed programs

HNE Health are offering interactive online live streamed programs by an experienced Healthcare Professional who will help engage with your online group through all aspects of pregnancy, birth and early parenting.

Our previous clients say.....

"We learn't alot about labour and options during the process. An incredibly informative course and very interactive so we could retain the information! We loved it."

"We had very little knowledge prior to this course. This course has covered a wide range of topics and provided additional sources for us to get further information."

To see available online classes, click here