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Medical Imaging

What is medical imaging?

  • Medical imaging procedures help to diagnose, treat and monitor an extensive range of illnesses and conditions.
  • Medical imaging services include ultrasound, computed tomography, radiography (x-ray), fluoroscopy and magnetic resonance imaging (MRI).
  • These services are provided with specialised equipment and the professional input of a radiologist (or other medical specialist) to interpret the generated images.

Medical imaging at Maitland Hospital


Ground Floor, Maitland Hospital, 51 Metford Rd, Metford.

Contact details  


Opening Hours

8am to 5:30pm Monday to Friday

Where to go when clinic is not  on/available: TBC

How to access the clinic/ Referral information:

Imaging tests require a referral or request form from either your Doctor or other authorised practitioner (eg. physiotherapist, dentist).

Appointment required:

X-Ray:  No

CT: Yes

Ultrasound: Yes

What to bring to your appointment:

Duration of appointment/visit:  A x-ray may take between 10-20 minutes to complete, whereas CT and ultrasound examinations could take longer (up to 1 hour).

Results / Outcomes of appointment:  Your results will be sent directly to your referring Doctor who will be able to access your images online

Health professionals that  work in clinic and their role:

Radiographers are health professionals who facilitate patient diagnosis and management through the creation of medical images using X-rays, ultrasound and magnetic resonance.

A Radiologist is a medical professional who specialises in using medical imaging technologies to diagnose and treat injury and disease.

A Radiology Nurse is a registered or enrolled nurse who cares for patients in the Medical Imaging Department

Administration Officers provide support to the Medical Imaging team, make appointments and receipt patients on their arrival