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Disability Inclusion in HNELHD

Disability inclusion in the HNELHD

Disability Inclusion means that everyone has the same opportunities to receive healthcare. We strive to make sure our services respond to the needs of people with disability and their family/carers.

We are creating environments that are inclusive and welcoming. When our services and buildings are inclusive we can provide the best care for everybody. We also offer Auslan Interpreters and interpreter services.

As part of our commitment to disability inclusion, staff will strive to:

Recognise patients with disability and respond to their needs.

Respect the individual’s abilities.

Empower the individual and their carer to take part in the planning and management of their care.

Disability Inclusion Action Plans

Specialised Intellectual Disability Health Team


My Care and Communication Plan

My Care and Communication Plan: NSW Health developed this 2 page form in 2022. The form aims to promote person centred care for a person with disability. Often coming to hospital is a stressful time. This form can make sure staff know the most important things about you and the care you need.

Any person with a disability can complete this form before the need to go to hospital arises. Keep it handy so that you can bring it with you if you need to receive care from one of our services. The form includes information about ways to best support you and the people that are your carers. There is also space to list current medications and health care team.

Download here

REACH Resources

REACH is an easy to use system to raise concerns if you notice a worrying change in your condition or that of your loved one.

We encourage you to first raise your concerns directly with your nurse or doctor. If you remain worried after speaking with your nurse or doctor, REACH provides you with more options to escalate your concerns further.

Learn more about REACH.

NSW Hospital Parking Information

The NSW government has developed a website to help you find out about health service parking. The website tells you about services at each facility as well as directions. Information is available for all public health facilities in NSW. There is also a mobile app you can download to your smart phone.


Useful Links

The NDIS stands for National Disability Insurance Agency. It provides funding for support services for people with permanent disabilities. It helps people under the age of 65 get the support they need to live their daily life and take part in the community.

The Disability Gateway has information and services to help people with disability to find the support they need.

IDEAS stands for Information on Disability, Education and Awareness Services. It is a not for profit organisation to help people improve their understanding of disability. It includes education, information and training. There is a podcast, blog and fact sheets to help disseminate information.

EnableNSW provides equipment (assistive technology) to people with short term or ongoing health needs. This equipment will help them to live safely at home.

NSW Health has a range of information about disability relating to NSW as a while. This includes information on resources, guidelines and easy read documents.