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HNET Psychiatry in Hunter New England Mental Health is part of the HNE Local Health District, a recognised leader in health innovation in Australia. The Hunter New England lifestyle is one of the best on offer in Australia, whether you are seeking comfortable cosmopolitan beachside living or a semi-rural relaxed lifestyle.Hunter Valley Vineyards

Living in the Region

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GP Registrar Terms in Psychiatry

Starting with HNET

At the beginning of each semester, orientation occurs for new medical staff coming into HNET. Orientation also occurs for Junior Medical Officers (JMOs) at the beginning of each JMO rotation. All new doctors to HNET will be able to access comprehensive orientation resources on the , with relevant information and forms required. For late starters who miss orientation, the MedApp contains everything you need to get started, and an individual mini-orientation will be arranged with you. Please contact HNET who can help with anything you may need.

International Medical Graduate (IMG) Recruitment

If you are coming to Australia to work as a medical officer, the pathways available to you are:

Getting a visa to work in Australia

If you are a successful applicant, we as your employer will sponsor you for a working visa. Please see the Department of Home Affairs for more information on these visas.

IMG Frequently Asked Questions

How does the public hospital system work in NSW?

Learn more about the NSW public health system via the NSW Health website.

What is the AMC and what does it do?

The AMC is the Australian Medical Council and is involved in assessment of overseas medical qualifications in Australia. The AMC administers the national examinations of overseas training medical practitioners seeking to practise medicine in Australia. For more information on assessments of overseas medical qualifications in Australia, visit the AMC website.

How does taxation work in Australia and what is superannuation?

For Australian tax and superannuation information for working in Australia, please visit the Australian Taxation Office website.

Why do I need private health insurance when I come to work in Australia?

If you are from an EU country that has a reciprocal agreement with Medicare in Australia, then you may not need to take out private health insurance. For all other visitors, we require that you take out private health insurance to ensure that any health needs are covered during your stay in Australia. Medibank Private provide health cover plans for foreign visitors and workers and you can view information on these plans via the Medibank Private website.

How do I obtain full unconditional registration and progress to Fellowship with the Royal Australian and New Zealand College of Psychiatrists (RANZCP)?

Unconditional general registration with the Medical Board of Australia can be obtained through the AMC via three pathways:

  1. Standard Pathway
  2. Competent Pathway
  3. Specialist Pathway

For more information on this process, visit the AMC website. Once you have general registration, you are able to apply for training in a specialty or work as a generally registered medical offi cer. For further information about equivalence guidelines with the RANZCP, visit the RANZCP website.

How do I achieve permanent residency in Australia?

There are some different pathways to achieving permanent residency in Australia. Please visit the Department of Home Affairs website for more information about how doctors can obtain permanent residency status. Your employer may also sponsor you for permanent residency status.

What sort of leave and pay conditions will I be entitled to?

The NSW Health website has information about leave and pay conditions. To view Medical Officer awards (applicable to Interns, Residents, Registrars, Senior Registrars or Career Medical Officers), click on 'M'. For the Staff Specialist (consultant) Award, click on 'S'.

What is salary packaging?

Salary Packaging is a means to effectively restructure your income to reduce the overall amount of tax that is paid. Hunter New England Health provides salary packaging benefits through Salary Packaging Plus.

What are some of the associations that represent doctors in Australia?

A:  The main associations representing doctors in Australia are the AMA (Australian Medical Association) and ASMOF (Australian Salaried Medical Officers Federation).  The HSU (Health Services Union) represents all junior medical officers in NSW.

What is the PBS?

The PBS is the Pharmaceutical Benefits Scheme. For more information visit the Department of Human Services website.

Rural Psychiatry


Rural psychiatry provides many opportunities and challenges in clinical practice while in a relaxed and scenic environment. Your rural experience will provide you with an opportunity to discover yourself and your country, as well as develop valuable clinical skills. Visit the Department of Health website for information on doctors migrating to Australia. In addition, HNET has opportunities for integrated rural training pathways (IRTP) for RANZCP accredited trainees. Click here for more information.