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Clinical Supervision and Support

Clinical supervision, also known as Professional Practice Supervision, is an important part of being an Allied Health Professional. Hunter New England Health acknowledges the importance of Professional Practice Supervision and is committed to ensuring all Allied Health Staff members participate in clinical supervision throughout their career

What is Professional Practice Supervision?

Professional Practice Supervision can be defined as a purposeful exchange between practicing professionals to assist in the development of professional skills.

- It is usually provided by a more experienced clinician to a less experienced clinical to improve knowledge, skills, self-reflection, and clinical ability within clinical practice.

- It runs across the continuum of a health professional’s career and is part of a lifelong learning journey.

- It is considered a vital part of healthcare delivery, safety, competence, and confidence in clinical practice.

Frequency and length:

- The minimum frequency and length of supervision provided in HNE Health to HNE Health employees will be an average of one hour per month occurring at least bi-monthly.

- A greater number of hours and more frequent sessions or other arrangements will be required for new graduates and staff commencing employment in a new area of professional practice.


As a staff member of Hunter New England Health, it is mandatory to have a Professional Practice Supervision contract in place as a requirement of your employment.

- Contracts will detail the service to be delivered including frequency, location, duration, and reporting arrangements. This is an agreement between you as a supervisee and your supervisor.


We are committed to developing you as an allied health clinician to be the best you can be through:

New Graduate and Early Career Opportunities

- New Graduate programs

- Early Career Rural Generalist Program

Professional Development and Ongoing Education

- Site-based in-services

- Profession and allied health forums

- Support to attend external training, conferences, and education

- Case review meetings

- Online continuing education opportunities

- Opportunities are often available at remote sites via videoconferencing

If you would like any more information regarding Professional Practice Supervision and support options please visit Clinical Supervision | HETI or contact the Allied Health Directorate at hnelhd-alliedhealthdirectorate@health.nsw.gov.au