The HNE Simulation Centre delivers training to several thousand healthcare professionals each year and is one of the longest running simulation centres in Australia. Faculty are passionate about enhancing patient safety through simulation training and research and offer a wide range of training addressing clinical and non-clinical challenges, as well as instructor training and development programs. Download the Centre overview to find out more about us.



Spotlight.jpgNew course for senior medical officers

Improving safety for junior doctors

We are taking enrolments for our new Improving Safety for Junior Doctors by Strengthening the Communication and Feedback Skills of Senior Doctors course. Particularly designed for Heads of Department, Clinical Directors, Directors of Medical Services, Directors/Supervisors of Training, Term Supervisors, and senior medical staff receiving a managerial allowance, this course will equip you with a range of strategies to improve the dynamics and workplace culture within your team. A limited number of vacancies are available on 30 August, 20 September and 1 November.
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Upcoming course vacancies

 To enrol in any of the following courses, please call us on (02) 4921 4268 or send us an email.

Essentials of Debriefing and Feedback - Tuesday 24 July

Feedback is a vital component of education but is often considered the most challenging aspect of our work as educators or supervisors. Our interactive Essentials of Debriefing and Feedback course will explore and provide strategies to deal with challenging conversations by presenting a structure for feedback and debriefing based on the work of the Institute for Medical Simulation in Boston.

Obstetric Emergencies - Thursday 26 July

Our inter-professional Obstetric Emergencies course promotes a team-based approach to managing everyday obstetric emergencies - midwives, anaesthesia assistants, recovery staff, obstetricians and anaesthetists are encouraged to attend. The course is also suitable for the 'occasional' obstetric anaesthetist looking to refresh their skills, as well as trainees preparing for fellowship exams.

Advanced Life Support

How long since you completed ALS training?  If it's been 12 months or more, now's a good time for a refresher as the evidence shows that ALS knowledge and skills deteriorate over time. Enrol in one of our upcoming courses:

Advanced Life Support half-day workshops - Friday 17 August

Our half day adult and paediatric ALS workshops will refresh your theory and practical skills to manage a cardiac arrest. You can choose to attend an adult workshop, a paediatric workshop, or both. Enrolment is limited to HNE Health staff.

Simulation Enhanced Advanced Life Support (SEALS) - Wednesday 12 September

The aim of the our full day SEALS course is to teach a multidisciplinary team the theory and practical skills to manage a cardiac arrest and other cardiovascular crises. Course content is based on recommendations from the Australian Resuscitation Council and on crisis resource management principles including effective leadership, communication, distribution of workload, and assertiveness.

Simulation Educator Masterclasses

'Getting the most out of the pause & discuss simulation technique', Simulation Educator Masterclass - Wednesday 8 August, 2pm - 3pm

Professional development opportunity for HNE Health staff interested in healthcare simulation-based education & training

Pause & discuss is a simulation technique often utilised with large groups and/or novice trainees. This method involves pausing the scenario at selected intervals to allow for instructor-facilitated debriefing. Whether you're a solo educator delivering simulation sessions in your work setting, or part of a team delivering simulation training, our Simulation Educator Masterclasses will provide you with a variety of useful skills and techniques to help you get the most out of simulation as a teaching tool.

Australian & New Zealand College of Anaesthetist (ANZCA) CPD courses

View a full list of courses including ANZCA CPD Emergency Response sessions delivered in our centre

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