The HNE Simulation Centre delivers training to several thousand healthcare professionals each year and is one of the longest running simulation centres in Australia. Faculty are passionate about enhancing patient safety through simulation training and research and offer a wide range of training addressing clinical and non-clinical challenges, as well as instructor training and development programs. Download the Centre overview to find out more about us.



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To enrol in any of the following courses, please call us on (02) 4921 4268 or send us an email.

Return to Anaesthesia Practice - Tuesday 22 January

Returning to anaesthesia practice after a period of absence can be a challenging time. Suitable for anaesthetic nurses, anaesthesia trainees & consultants, this simulation-based course allows participants to practice technical skills as well as the diagnosis and management of anaesthetic crises ... more info

Improving Safety for Junior Doctors - Thursday 7 February

Are you a senior HNE Health doctor who wants to make a difference to JMO wellbeing? Do you want to improve the dynamics and workplace culure within your team?  If so, we have just the course for you ... more info

Advanced Life Support (Adult & Paediatric) - Thursday 28 February

Our half-day ALS workshops provide an opportunity for HNE Health medical and nursing staff to refresh their theory and practical skills to manage a cardiac arrest. Attend the adult session from 8.30am-11.30am and/or the paediatric session from 1pm-4pm ... more info

Rescuing the Deteriorating Patient - Wednesday 6 March

Whether you're the ward nurse caring for the patient whose condition is deteriorating, the doctor called for assistance, or a member of the Rapid Response Team, this course will help prepare you to manage a range of hospital emergencies. It's a great confidence builder for new starters and a valuable refresher for experienced clinicians ... more info

Simulation Enhanced Advance Life Support - Friday 8 March

The aim of this full day course is to teach a multidisciplinary team the theory and practical skills to manage a cardiac arrest and other cardiovascular crises. The course is accredited with ACRRM and recognised by GP Synergy as meeting the RACGP criteria for ALS courses in GP training ... more info

ANZCA CICO & ALS courses - Wednesday 13 March

Our next ANZCA Can't Intubate, Can't Oxygenate (CICO) course will be held on Wednesday 13 March from 9am-12.30pm. The CICO session will be followed by an ANZCA ALS course from 1.30pm-4.30pm. Both courses satisfy ANZCA CPD requirements for emergency response activities. Places are strictly limited - contact us now to secure your position in one or both courses.

Simulation Educator Masterclasses

Our team of specialist doctors and senior nurses are experienced in the use of simulation for education & training for a variety of applications, including traditional centre-based courses and in situ simulations in the workplace. They are keen to share their knowledge to help everyone in HNE Health get the most out of simulation as a teaching tool ... more info

Australian & New Zealand College of Anaesthetist (ANZCA) CPD courses

View a full list of courses including ANZCA CPD Emergency Response sessions delivered in our centre.

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