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Research, Quality and Safety

The HNE Simulation Centre uses simulation for training, quality improvement and research in order to enhance patient safety and clinical outcomes. Simulation can be used to test equipment, systems and environments.

Do you have a research or quality improvement project idea?  The HNE Simulation Centre has developed a database to capture ideas.

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Anaphylaxis Study

The Monash Simulation Centre together with the HNE Simulation Centre investigated the use of new guidelines during intraoperative anaphylaxis.

ConnecT Team Skills Training Study

The ConnecT Study forms part of a PhD thesis investigating teamwork training in healthcare.  We hope to understand and make recommendations about whether the training is effective in improving teamwork attitudes and behaviours, and, if so, whether it is best provided in the classroom, simulator, or both.

The ConnecT Study will be the first study worldwide to evaluate the effectiveness of healthcare simulation and classroom based teamwork training in combination, using a control group that has not undergone training.

Debriefing Research

The HNE Simulation Centre is currently investigating the quality of debriefing in the centre by using an anonymous rating system.


Dr David Donnelly from the John Hunter Hospital Anaesthesia Department is conducting an investigation into the design and utility of cognitive aids in anaesthesia crisis management.

Our team of highly skilled instructors share a common interest and passion in education and patient safety.

Simulation-based team training requires special expertise in addition to clinical ability. The HNE Simulation Centre provides extended instructor training and has processes for certifying its instructors.  Instructors are Specialists and Fellows and senior nursing staff, largely from Anaesthesia, Intensive Care and Emergency Medicine, who are active clinically in their area of specialty.

We also have a group of dedicated junior medical staff who are in the process of learning how to become simulation instructors.

We welcome visitors who are interested in learning about simulation-based team training in healthcare. Please email us for more information about teaching, research and Fellowship opportunities.