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Submitting an Ethics Application

There are three types of review for research and related activities in HNE Health:

  • Full HREC Review (Greater than low risk)
  • Expedited Review of Low and Negligible Research (LNR)
  • Review of Non-Research Activities that may result in external presentation/publication

Full HREC Review

Research Projects that will require full review by the Hunter New England Human Research Ethics Committee (HNEHREC):

  • Interventions and therapies, including clinical and non-clinical trials and innovations or new treatment modalities
  • Active concealment or planned deception of participants;
  • Exposure of illegal activities;
  • Research specifically targeting Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander peoples; and
  • Research involving some vulnerable groups of participants
Application Form – Human Research Ethics Application Form (HREA)

Ethics Review Pathway ‘Greater than low risk research’

Expedited Review of Low and Negligible Risk (LNR) Research

An expedited review process for research projects, which are considered to be low or negligible risk to participants.

The types of low and negligible risk research that may undergo expedited review include research where:

  • The threat to participants privacy and confidentiality is remote;
  • The project does not (or does not have the potential to) involve sensitive information about participants; and
  • The level of intrusiveness and disruption to participants is minimal.
Application Form – Human Research Ethics Application Form (HREA)

Ethics Review Pathway ‘Low and Negligible Risk’

Projects Exempt from HREC Review

HNE Health encourages audits, evaluations and other types of reviews of its services. A proportion of such activities are undertaken with the intention of presenting or publishing the results and journal editors or conference organisers will require some proof of review by the organisations Human Research Ethics Committee, prior to accepting the publication or presentation.

The process for the review of non-research activities is as follows:

  1. Email a description of your project to the Research Ethics Manager HNELHD-HREC@health.nsw.gov.au to establish the level of review required before the activity is undertaken
  2. If advised, complete the Review of Non-research Activity form and submit electronically to HNELHD-HREC@health.nsw.gov.au

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