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The strength of workplace based assessment lies in the direct observation of IMGs in their workplace. It involves having different assessment tools, used by multiple trained assessors in various clinical settings over an extended period of time.

In addition to multisource feedback, each candidate undergoes 18 assessments ideally by 18 different assessors. The allows us to assess the candidate’s clinical skills, communication and teamwork throughout the 6 month assessment period

To successfully operate the WBA Program, we require a number of assessors in each discipline (Adult Medicine, Adult Surgery, Emergency Medicine, Women’s health, Child health, Mental Health) as outlined in our Australian Medical Council Guidelines.

Being a WBA assessor involves assessing candidates for Mini CEX ( with real patients) and CBDs.

We currently run the WBA program  in the Greater Newcastle Area, as well as rural areas of Taree, Tamworth, Armidale.

We are always looking to grow our assessor pool in order to continue to provide this much-valued service across our District, and to ease the workload for our assessors, to ensure that allocated assessments are evenly distributed across the board. Therefore we require assessors in John Hunter, Calvary Mater, Maitland, Taree, Tamworth and Armidale.

All assessments are scheduled in accordance with assessor's availability, as we are acutely aware of the competing demands and heavy workloads of our clinicians. As a WBA assessor you will only assess candidates in your specialty area of practice.

Requirements/ information for WBA Assessors

1. Who can be a WBA assessor?

Any staff specialist/VMO/GP VMO


Any fellow/Advanced trainee/CMO who has maintained general registration for >4 years .

2. Calibration of assessors

An AMC requirement for Workplace Based Assessment is that all assessors attend an initial 2-hour assessor calibration session. This can be attended in person or virtually.

We provide an overview of the program and then there is peer review of calibration videos.

At the end of the calibration we will sign you up for H.Prime (Online platform used for assessments), get vendor information from you for honorariums.

3. How are assessments allocated?

You and the candidate will review an email from WBA office via H.Prime  outline the type of assessment (Mini CEX or CBD), the candidate details and the time period for completion of the assessment.

4. How long does an assessment take?

Mini CEX: they take roughly 45min, as you have to find and consent the patient for the assessment prior to commencement of the assessment. The time spent with the candidate is approx. 30mins.

CBD: roughly 30-40mins for reviewing of patient notes and discussion with the candidate.

5. Honorarium

We pay our assessors a small honorarium/assessment as a token of appreciation.

6. Recalibration

Recalibration is required every 2 years. This entails a 45 minute video that we ask you to watch which will include any updates that have occurred during this time.

If you or a colleague within HNE would be interested in being a WBA assessor, please reach out to our team on 4985 3133 or