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How our understanding about multiple sclerosis has changed over the last 30 years presented by Jeannette Lechner-Scott at ANZAN 2023 - credit to ANZAN for the video https://www.anzan.org.au/

Other Neurology Practices in Our Region

An alternative avenue of neurological care in the Hunter Region is private neurology practices. Here are the locally-based practices.

Patient Advisory Group


The aim of the patient advisory group (PAG) is to inform, influence and support the MS clinic. As well as guide the direction of current and future research projects. As such, the group will recommend policies, advocate support mechanisms and broadly address issues of equity, diversity and inclusion for John Hunter Hospital (JHH) MS Clinic.

This will be achieved by:

  1. Providing a communication channel for patients and medical staff to voice their issues, concerns and feedback on the day-to-day functions of the clinic.
  2. Voice ideas and opinions regarding current and future research direction. Including bit limited to funding opportunities, mentoring, infrastructure and educational needs.
  3. Serving as the key consultation and advocacy group for the JHH MS Clinic.
  4. Providing unified advocacy across the partnership - Hunter Medical Research Institute, University of Newcastle (UoN), and the Hunter New England Local Health District (HNELHD) on behalf of Early and Mid Career (EMCR) researchers. This will comprise of:
    1. Providing advice to HMRI and its strategic partners on issues specific to EMCRs
    2. Engaging with key stakeholders to promote leadership opportunities, training and research sustainability for the JHH MS Clinic.
    3. Advocating for visibility and awareness of the JHH MS driven research through the Institute Director, partners and community.
  5. Making recommendations to the Institute Director and the UoN College of Health Research Committee to support the planning and implementation of strategic initiatives that will be of benefit the JHH MS Clinic.

To contact the PAG please email.

Frequently Asked Questions

I'm having trouble getting in touch with the MS Clinic. What should I do?

If you're having trouble getting to speak to someone from the clinic on the usual phone number please follow up with an email to hnelhd-msclinic@health.nsw.gov.au or try the Neurology Department main number 02 49 213490.

My MS medication is about to run out but I don't have an appointment with my specialist before then. What should I do?

After your initial script we will provide you a script for  your MS medication at your face to face appointment. Subsequent scripts can be provided by your General Practitioner. Infusion therapy scripts will continue to be provided by us, including outside the appointment time.

Where should my referral be faxed to from my GP?

Please ask your GP to fax to 02 49213488.  You can call the clinic on 02 49 213540 seven (7) days after the referral has been faxed to see if the we have received it. It will be triaged and an appointment posted to you.

I had an MRI done last week. How can I find out my results?

The results of any of your investigations will be copied to your GP.  We will also provide them to you at your next appointment with us. If you have concerns please call or email us.