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Information for Professionals

How do you make a referral?

Referrals should be made by calling 1800 011 511 and asking for the relevant mental health facility.
Mental Health Contact Centre Fax: (02) 4923 6537.

GP Referral Form

How we work with you

HNE Mental Health aims to communicate effectively with GPs and referrers by:

  • Acknowledging the receipt of referral
  • Advising of the referral's outcome
  • Advising of the outcome of the assessment and the plan for management, and
  • Advising of any changes to the management plan

Our expectation from referrers and GPs is to communicate effectively:

  • When a referral is made
  • When you prescribe treatment
  • If you identify new mental health needs, and/or
  • When treatment is changed.

Who can you refer?

People with severe mental disorders who:

  • Need specialist mental health care
  • Cannot be looked after in primary care sector
  • Are at risk to self or others secondary to a mental disorder are such that require assertive management from a specialist mental health service
  • Need case management/care coordination

Please be aware that referrals are prioritised depending upon need for urgency of response and to match available staff.

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