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Information for Consumers and Carers

In an emergency, Hospital Emergency Departments (EDs) can provide mental health assessment and support | In life-threatening situations call 000 for immediate help.

Quick Reference Guide: HNEMHS Carer/Family Supports Map

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Information about treatment and services

  • For simple information about different diagnoses - click here
  • For information about the various mental health services and their locations - click here
  • To read about what you can expect if you come to hospital - click here
  • The Mental Health Admission Pack - provides information about an inpatient stay
  • Charter of Healthcare Rights - apply to all people in all places where health care is provided in Australia. The Charter describes what you, or someone you care for, can expect when receiving health care
  • We employ a number of Peer Support Workers with their own lived experience of mental ill health
  • If you are experiencing suicidal thoughts and want to talk it through 24/7 - Suicide Call Back Service

Partnering with consumers in mental healthcare

We are committed to working alongside consumers, and see it as key to achieving better outcomes for people accessing mental health services.

Because we are committed to this principle, we have a focus on partnering with consumers and carers in our healthcare planning.

There are a number of ways consumers, carers and the community can get involved and help us to design and deliver mental healthcare.

Your Experience of Service (YES) Survey

The YES survey is designed to gather information from consumers about their experiences of care. It aims to help mental health services and consumers to work together to build better services. Available at all MH Service locations – just ask!

The Mental Health Consumer Participation Unit (CPU)

The CPU is a central point for recruiting, managing and retaining enthusiastic individuals (consumers and carers) willing to participate in various Mental Health Service activities.

There is a huge number of ways that consumers, carers and community members can play a role in how our Mental Health Service plans and delivers care. For more information email: HNELHD-MentalHealthConsumerParticipation@health.nsw.gov.au

Family and Carer Virtual Education Program

Access the Virtual Education Series timetable for 2022, and find information on how you can register here.

Aboriginal Mental Health - Yimamulinbinkaan “The ones who lead/Leaders”

Maruung Maruung   “Good good Deadly”   Yarn up Feel Deadly application

The app includes a number of culturally considerate resources and powerful personal video testimonials. The app includes:

  • Resources to learn Aboriginal language
  • Information regarding mental health conditions, treatments and medications
  • Details of upcoming community events
  • Employment opportunities

It also has a staff portal where training and case scenarios are available on how to provide culturally responsive mental health assessments for Aboriginal and/or Torres Strait Islander people. While the culturally appropriate app is designed to target the Aboriginal community, the content and links will benefit and be of interest to all.

Yarn Up Feel Deadly Application

Download the free 'SportsBag Communicator App'. Once downloaded press 'My Services', then search and type in Yarn Up Feel Deadly.

Family and Carer Updates and Resources

Please see the Family and Carer Edition of the HNE MHS Family and Carer Informational Resource for June 2022. Topic of the month: Grief and Loss.

Click here for a newsletter containing the latest family and carer updates and resources

Why our services ask if someone identifies as Aboriginal and/or Torres Strait Islander

Culturally and Linguistically Diverse resources

Consumers from culturally and linguistically diverse backgrounds can access more information by clicking here

Complaints and compliments

The information that comes from complaints and compliments helps us to changed and improve our services. Click here for the various ways in which you can submit a complaint or a compliment.

Information specifically for Carers

Family and carer resources

We know how disorientating it can be for carers and families when a loved one has to receive treatment for mental ill health. The following resources are really important tools to support carers to navigate the mental health system and communicate successfully with the different clinical staff you will encounter. These tools were developed in partnership with carers.