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Warialda Multipurpose Service

Health Service Manager

Melani Austin


Long Street
Warialda NSW 2402

146 Long Street
Warialda NSW 2402

Contact Details

Telephone: 6728 9000

Visiting Hours



Free visitor and staff parking is available on Arthur Wheatley Drive.


Warialda MPS is a 15-bed facility. Diversional therapy services are available four days a week and there is also a technical assistant physiotherapy assistant to assist with mobility and strengthening exercises and falls prevention. Hunter New England Oral Health provides a residential oral care service every six months on a rotational basis with other organisations in the area including provision of service to the local Hostel aged care clients. Programs such as Adopt a Grandparent are implemented in partnership with local high school students coordinated by the Diversional Therapist.


​Mobile CR X-ray - remote radiographer​Adult, Paediatrics​Basic X-ray​On Call Service
​Mobile CR X-ray - visiting services​Adult, Paediatrics​Basic X-rayEvery Tuesday 12pm - 2pm


PaediatricsGeneral MedicialLow Risk Paediatric admission24/7


EmergencyCritical / Acute CareEmergency presentations for assessment,management,treatment and/or transfer to tertiary facility for diagnostic management and definitive care.24/7
​Mental Health​MHECRAP - Mental Health Emergency Care Rural Access Program. The role of the MHECRAP is to provide clinical assessment; to support the ED staff to manage the care of the person in the ED. To provide safe and appropriate specialist mental health assessment and care 24 hours a day.​24/7


  • Post Surgical
  • Maintenance Care
  • Slow Stream Rehabilitation
  • Palliative Care
    • Acute Medical
      • Mental Health
      • Respite Services
Procedures reflective of a Level 2 MPS Service where care is managed by Medical Practitioner. Patient not requiring advanced definitive care, and access is available to either visiting or telehealth allied health and / or specialist teams.   24/7


PathologyInpatient /EmergencyBlood and diagnostic specimen collecting servicesMonday to Friday (Inpatients only)
​On site Point of Care Services​24/7
​Outpatient - Pathology North​Blood and diagnostic specimen collecting services, Pre-op screening​Monday - Friday 7.30am - 11.30am

Residential Aged Care

Residential Aged CareHigh LevelLong term care given to adults over 65 or 55 (indigenous) that can no longer be supported in there own home and require 24hr care. Consideration given to younger adults where no other alternative appropriate.24/7


PhysiotherapyPhysiotherapy Service, Telehealth Fracture Clinic, Cardiac and Pulmonary Rehabilitation. Inpatient, Outpatient and Residential ServicesWednesday and Friday 8.30am - 5pm

Speech Pathology

Speech PathologyOutpatientAssessment and management of both children and adults.Every Tuesday and Thursday
​Inpatient​Assessment of swallowing and dietry requirements of both Residents and inpatients.

Community Health

Community Nursing Wound Management, Continence Care, Chronic Disease support, Medication Support, Palliative Care, Cardiac and Pulmonary Rehabilitation. Basic Footcare, Primary Health Care Initiatives.Monday to Friday 7.30am - 5pm
​Child, Youth and Family Health Services​Provision of psychosocial, physical and emotional support to families and children. Health Promotion and community immunisation programs. Ante natal and Post Natal support and care. Breast feeding Support
​Audiometry​Adult​Provision of hearing assessment and advice on hearing protection
​Paediatric​Hearing screening and assessment. Referral when required.
​Diversional Therapy​Residential Aged Care​Provision of programs and activities to offer socialisation and stimulation to aged care residents, including craft activities, group and one to one activities, outings and themed special days.​Monday to Thursday 8am - 3pm
​Visiting​Podiatry - Private Service​Residential Aged care service​Monthly
​Mental Health Service​Via appointment when required
​ACAT Aged Care Assessment Team​Via appointment when required
​Palliative Care​Via appointment when required
​Dietitian​Once a month via appointment
​Diabetes educator​Once a month via appointment
​Drug and Alcohol Counsellor​Via appointment when required
​Occupational Therapy​Via appointment when required