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Narrabri Hospital

Health Service Manager

Michelle Wilkinson


66 Gibbons Street
Narrabri NSW 2390

PO Box 324
Narrabri NSW 2390

Contact Details

Telephone: 6799 2800

Visiting Hours

11am-1pm and 3pm-8pm.


Nil parking costs. Limited parking at front of health service and near the emergency department.


Imaging Services

​HNE Imaging
  • General Xray
  • CT Scans
​Monday - Friday 8am - 5.30pm Afterhours Emergencies

General Surgery

​Operating theatresUpper GIDiagnostic and Interventional gastroscopy including upper GI haemorrhage (variceal banding, injection of bleeding variceals and insertion of Sengstaken Blakemores tube), Biopsy of the upper GI tract​Elective, 1 day per week, emergency service when required
​Colorectal​Diagnostic & interventional colonoscopy including  treatment of PR bleeding using injection methods, injection of haemorrhoids, biopsy collection, snaring of lower GI polyps and tumours​Elective, 1 day per week, emergency service when required
​General​Femoral, incisional, and inguinal hernia repairs, vasectomy, Carpal Tunnel release​Elective, 1 day per week / fortnight dependant on bookings, emergency service when required
​Skin​Lesions, skin grafts, abscess incision and drainage​Elective, 1 day per week / fortnight dependant on bookings, emergency service when required
​Obstetrics​Caesaerean Section, Removal retained products, cervical tear repair​24/7 emergency
​Gyneacological​D+C, insertion/removal of IUCDs, tubal ligation​Elective when required, depending on bookings
​Dental​Removal of teeth​1 day per month


​OrthopaedicsKnee Arthroscopy, Anterior cruiciate Ligament repair, Shoulder arthroscopy, Shoulder reconstruction, carpal tunnel release​1 day per month - Elective Surgery


​PaediatricsGeneral Medical PaediatricsLow risk paediatric admissions​when required
​Paediatrics​Dental Surgery​Removal of teeth, fillings​1 day per month - elective surgery


​EmergencyCritical Care/Acute CareAll emergency presentations for management, stabilisation and/or transfer to definitive care​24/7


​Maternity & Newborn Services as per Level 3 role delineation Maternity and Level 2 NurseryAntenatal
  • Antenatal booking ins
  • Shared care ante natal clinic
Wednesdays & Thursdays
​Antenatal Education sessionsPreparation for labour, birth and parenting​Quarterly - full day saturdays
​Outreach antenatal service to Wee Waa​Antenatal booking ins, Shared care antenatal clinic​Alternative Tuesdays
​​Labour and birthing
  • Birth from 37/40​
  • Instrumental birth
  • LSCS
  • Vaginal birth after LSCS
​Post Natal Care
  • ​Post natal care after birth
  • Breastfeeding support
​Special care Nursery as per Level 2 Role delineation
  • ​Immediate care of newborn
  • Short term care for simple newborn problems
  • Resuscitation and stabilisation of newborn for transfer
  • Short term NGT feeding
  • Phototherapy
​Aboriginal Maternity Service​Antenatal​Antenatal booking ins, Shared care antenatal clinic, provide outreach to Narrabri shire​Mondays & Tuesdays & alternate Wednesdays

Visiting Services - Acute

Orthopaedic Surgeononce a month
​Cardiologist​2 days a month
​Rheumatologist​once a month
​Ophthalmologist​1-2 days a month
​Geriatrician​second monthly

Occupational Therapy

Occupational Therapy
  • Home modifications
  • Equipment assessment and provision
  • Home assessments
  • Paediatrics
  • Inpatient assessment for discharge
Client wait time for specific services varies and is assessed and prioritized in accordance with clinical priorityMonday to Friday
​Adult and paediatrics​Inpatient, community and outpatient referrals​Monday to Friday

Social Work

Social WorkGeneralist Social WorkerInpatient, community and outpatient referralsMonday to Friday


PhysiotherapyGeneralist physiotherapy services, Cardiac and
Pulmonary Rehabilitation groups
Inpatient, community and outpatient referralsMonday to Friday

Speech Pathology

Speech PathologyAdult and paediatrics. Assessment and interventions for children and adults with communication or swallowing difficultiesInpatient, community and outpatient referralsMonday to Friday

Community Health

Aboriginal Health ServicesAboriginal Health WorkerWorks with CNC ICCAPP and other community based servicesMonday to Friday
​Chronic Care for Aboriginal People​CNC​Provides POCT for Aboriginal People and information and education on Chronic Disease​Monday to Friday
​Community Nursing​Wound Management ​Inpatient, community and outpatient referrals​Monday to Friday
​Palliative Care Services​CNC and RN​Provision of management of Palliative care​Monday to Friday
​Respiratory Services​Provision of respiratory assessments including spirometry, education on asthma and Pulmonary Rehabilitation (maintream and Aboriginal specific programs)​Monday to Friday
​Diabetes Education​Provision of education regarding diabetes Management for Type 1's, Type 2's and Gestational Diabetes​Monday to Friday
​Audiometry​Provision of hearing assessments and advice on hearing protection​Monday to Friday
​Cardiac Rehabilitation​Assessement and provision of Cardiac Rehabilitation​Monday to Friday
​Dementia Support​CNS and Dementia Advisory Support Worker​Provides support to people with dementia, their carers and their families​Monday to Friday
​Child and Family Health​Mainstream and Aboriginal specific based programs​UHHV and clinics for screening and assessment, breast feeding support, post natal depression support, parenting advice and folow up immunisations​Monday to Friday
​Day Centre​Day centre based activities and programs for eligible CHSP clients​Monday to Friday
​Women's Health​Assessment, review and advice on women's health conditions and issues​Monday to Friday
​Aged Care Services​Aged Care and Assessment Team (ACAT) review and assessment – 1800 881 568 - Centralised Intake​Monday to Friday
​Transitional Aged Care Program​Community based goal oriented program for eligible clients post inpatient episode of care​7 days
​Drug and Alcohol Services​Drug and Alcohol Clinics including Pharmacotherapy. Assessment, counselling and psychological therapy for individuals, families and couples with alcohol and other drugs issues.​1300 660 059 - Appointments, Information and support - Centralised Intake​By appointment
​Mental Health Services (including children and adolescents)​Prevention, promotion & early intervention activities​1800 011 511 - Appointments, Information and support - Centralised Intake​Monday to Friday
​Get Active New England (G.A.N.E.) ​Falls Prevention​The program aims to enhance the independence and wellbeing of CHSP eligible clients through enablement, building strength, improving balance and reducing the risk of falling. My Aged Care:
1800 200 422 OR through their online form, found at: www.myagedcare.gov.au/referral - Centralised Intake
​By appointment


DieteticsGeneralist DieticianInpatient, community and outpatient referralsMonday to Friday