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Kidney Transplant Pathway

Kidney Transplantation

A kidney transplant can restore kidney function to normal or near normal levels but does mean you have to be able to tolerate surgery and healing time.

You will also be on immunosuppression medication for the life of your transplanted kidney.

Transplantation but may not be a suitable option for everyone.

Unless you have someone willing to donate a kidney, you will likely spend time on a waitlist for a donor kidney

Kidney Transplant criteria

Anyone who meets the following criteria may be eligible for a kidney transplant.

*    Kidney failure

*    On dialysis or close to being on dialysis

*    Glomerular filtration rate (GFR) less than 10ml/min

*    Strong enough for operation and recovery and willing to accept the risks associated with a transplant

Why have you been referred?

Your Nephrologist has referred you to join our Kidney Transplantation pathway.

The Transplant team communicates between you, and your treating medical team.

The  Transplant Recipient Coordinators are located in the Nephrology/Transplant Unit of John Hunter Hospital. We work with you to inform you about Transplant options.

Your Transplant Recipient Coordinator will talk to you often to keep you informed whilst you are on the pathway to  Kidney Transplant and post Transplant.

Kidney Transplant Coordinators

Kidney Transplant Recipient Coordinators     

John Hunter Hospital, Dept of Nephrology/transplant, Lookout Road, New Lambton Heights, 2305   Phone: 4921 4341

Your Transplant Coordinator will talk with you to help you manage your kidney disease as best as you can. You begin our education pathway after being referred by your Nephrologist to one of the Coordinators.

Sheridan Ward -Transplant Recipient Coordinator

Brianna Stead  - Transplant Recipient Coordinator

Deidre Davidson- Live Donor Coordinator

Bronwyn Laughlan - (acting) Live Donor Coordinator

Meet the Kidney Transplant Surgeons

The Kidney Transplant Surgeons at John Hunter Hospital are;

Dr Munish Heer

Dr Ruth Hardstaff

Dr  Nikhil Majahan

Meet the Transplant Physicians

The Kidney Transplant Physicians at John Hunter Hospital are;

Associate Professor Bobby  Chacko

Dr  Sundareswar (Eswari) Vilayur

Dr Thida Myint

Dr Matthew Rowlandson

Kidney Transplantation Education

Kidney Transplant Education Seminar

Any person considering Kidney Transplant must attend the education seminar.

The seminar is a great chance for you and your family/ friends to gain more information, ask questions and meet other people in a similar situation.

It is good opportunity to meet the members of your Transplant team,  face to face.

Seminars are held;

John Hunter Hospital - Transplant Education Seminar is offered 4 times per year, held at John Hunter Hospital (JHH).

Tamworth - Transplant Education Seminar is offered 4 times per year, held at Tamworth Rural Referral Hospital (TRRH)

Invitation dates to attend Seminar will be provided to you by your Transplant Recipient Coordinator

Transplant Assessment Clinic

This clinic will give you more time to explore if Kidney Transplantation is  the right option for you.

Clinics are held;

JHH -Transplant assessment clinic is on a Tuesday morning,  in the South Block of Royal Newcastle Centre on site at the John Hunter Hospital.

Tamworth- Transplant assessment clinic is  on a Wednesday , 4 times per year held at Tamworth Outpatients Clinic, Tamworth Rural Referral Hospital

Invitation dates to attend clinics will be provided to you by your Transplant Recipient Coordinator.

Transplant Seminar Dates 2023

Transplantation - Patient Education Seminar 2023 Calendar

On behalf of the Newcastle Transplant Unit please see below dates for the Transplantation Patient Education Seminars to be held on:


Thursday, 7th September 2023

Thursday, 7th December 2023


Wednesday 30th August 2023

Wednesday 4th November 2023

Learning more about Kidney Transplant

Your kidney team, along with your GP, will give you the information and support you need to help you make the best decision for your situation.  It is important to remember that your decisions can change over time and changes in your health can affect your future plans.

Please view the video presentations below to learn more about

Video 1: Introduction to Kidney Transplantation

Video 2. Transplant Evaluation

Video 3. Waiting for a Kidney Transplant

Video 4. Life after Transplant

Links to Kidney Health Australia and Transplant Australia

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