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Falls Prevention Information

The Outpatient clinic can be busy and an unfamiliar setting. Your safety is very important to us.

A fall can occur in a second, but it may totally change your life. Some simple steps will assist you to be active and independent.

  • Your chances of falling are increased if you are feeling rushed, distracted, or not concentrating.
  • Take your time and pay attention to what you are doing. It helps to prevent falling.
  • Be aware of of your surroundings
  • If you use glasses when outside, it’s best to use distance lenses or sun glasses.
  • If you have a hearing aid, it’s wise to use it when out and about.
  • Walking aids needs to be individually fitted, regularly maintained and used when out and about.
  • Wearing safe shoes with slip-resistant soles helps you keep your balance.
  • Take your time getting standing up and down or moving around the clinics- don’t rush.
  • Report any slip or trip hazards to staff members immediately

For more information, please visit the following pages:

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