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The John Hunter Intensive Care Unit continues to demonstrate a high level of commitment to research. Over the years, our unit has participated in several major multicenter clinical trials, both industry-sponsored and investigator-initiated (including ANZICS CTG endorsed trials).

Our ICU offers a fertile collegial environment for research with all the necessary ingredients:

  • High volume with over 2100 ICU admissions per year,
  • Wide spectrum of subspecialty case mix (including trauma, ECMO, Paediatric ICU, Cardiothoracic ICU and high volume Neurocritical care)
  • Dedicated and experienced ICU research coordinators
  • Governance through highly active and motivated ICU Research Committee that meets monthly to discuss ongoing and future studies
  • Close collaboration with our hospital pharmacy and pathology services
  • An electronic clinical information system that collects real-time data every minute
  • Archived medical records that can fully support audit trails

These are all combined with our highly experienced and motivated clinical research staff to successfully conduct clinical trials and research projects.

We are equally enthusiastic about promoting and facilitating local research and audits which can often sow seeds for a larger project in future. The JHH ICU employs two part-time ICU research coordinators who provides the backbone to our overall research capability.

The enrolment or data collection for any study at our unit can only be initiated after obtaining appropriate ethics approval or a waiver from our hospital human research ethics committee. All studies conducted at our ICU follow Good Clinical Practice guidelines and comply with the National Statement on Ethical Conduct in Human Research.

Our medical and nursing staff are dedicated towards promoting a research culture in the unit and support evidence-based interventions focused on improving the quality of care that is delivered to patients in our ICU.

Participants' well-being and their confidentiality are foremost considerations during the conduct of any study. Our team of intensive care specialists are very forthcoming in offering any advice or helping with setting up of any research study at our unit. You can contact us anytime for any research related enquiry.