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Organ Donation

The Organ and Tissue Donation (OTD) team at the John Hunter Hospital are co-located within the intensive care unit. We believe being offered the opportunity to donate can provide some solice to families, and that all families should have the opportunity to receive information on organ donation to be able to make an informed decision. We support all families and their decisions regardless of outcome.

The team provide support for patients, families and staff across the entire HNELHD, and are active in community events, research, education, and training. The OTD team are involved in end of life care within the ICU including supporting patients and their families through the process of organ donation if desired after neurological or circulatory death and in cases of tissue donation.

The current team at John Hunter Hospital are available on-call at all times. The team includes:

Donation Specialist Nurses

  • Nicole Coleman
  • Sue Frew
  • Adrian Watson
  • Karine Menzies
  • Deharne Style
  • Jen Law
  • Cath Anderson
  • Dustin Bush

Donation Medical Specialists

  • Paul Healey
  • Jorge Brieva
  • Ken Havill
  • Gerard Moynihan

All medical and nursing staff members in intensive care at JHH are regularly involved in the care of patients who become organ donors and are encouraged to develop their technical and non-technical skills in this area of practice.

Once a year the OTD team conducts a thanksgiving service for the families of organ and tissue donors and recipients from our local Health District.

For more information on organ donation, please see https://donatelife.gov.au/about-donation

To register your wishes regarding organ donation https://donatelife.gov.au/register-donor-today

Wayne is a firefighter, and also a recipient of a corneal donation from an eye donor. He's pictured here with Zoe - the daughter of a donor.