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Patient and Visitor Information

Masks are still required in health care facilities

Help keep our patients safe by not visiting if you are unwell

NSW Health Guide to Healthcare Visitation


John Hunter Hospital is located on Lookout Road in the suburb of New Lambton in Newcastle.

The hospital is located across 3 levels.

Temporary changes to entry and exit due to COVID-19

To help protect staff and patients from COVID-19, we are reducing the number of entrances for patients and visitors entering the JHH facility.

JHH is currently only accessible from:

  • Main (Emergency Department, level 2) Entrance
  • Royal Newcastle Centre Main Entrance (level 2) between 6am-6pm weekdays only
  • Level 2 Carpark 6 Entrance (in Royal Newcastle Centre) between 5.30am-6pm weekdays only


There are two large public car parks located on John Hunter Hospital Campus. When entering from the main road, follow the blue 'P2' or 'P6' signs.

Car park 2 is a single level car park. This car park is the main visitor parking and ideal for Emergency Department and Children's Hospital. It is open 24 hours/day.

Car Park 6 is a multi-storey care park. This car park is ideal for JHH Outpatient appointment attendances. The entrance to this carpark closes at 5pm. Exiting the car park is possible anytime, except weekends and public holidays when closed. Maximum Height 1.90m.

Parking on the John Hunter Hospital campus is charged by an hourly rate.

Concessions are available for disabled and concession card holders.

If you have any concerns or queries about parking, please speak directly with the staff in the car parking booth in the main visitor car park.

For rates please visit the Secure Parking website

Disabled Access

John Hunter Hospital is fully accessible for anyone with a disability. Limited free disabled parking is available just past the main hospital entrance. A number of disabled parking places are also available with ramp access to the hospital in the main visitor car park.

Arriving by Public Transport

The John Hunter Hospital is serviced by bus numbers 13, 11, 26 and 42, all of which all stop at the main entrance of the hospital. For timetables, please refer to the Newcastle Buses website. If you prefer to travel by taxi, you can book your trip on the Newcastle Taxis Website or call 132 227.

Visitor Information and Restrictions

Updated 26.10.22

While visitors are important for the wellbeing of our patients it is important we keep them safe.

Visitors will generally be permitted if they:

  • Wear a surgical mask correctly at all times while in the facility
  • Have not tested positive to COVID-19 within the last ten (10) days
  • Have not tested positive to another acute respiratory infection in the last seven (7) days
  • Do not have symptoms of COVID-19 or other acute respiratory infection
  • Are not high risk contacts of someone who has COVID-19 in the previous seven (7) days
  • Have not arrived from overseas in the past seven (7) days

Visitors who are authorised to enter must agree to always wear a mask correctly (children under the age of 12 years are exempt) during the visit and follow any other advice from health care staff.

Thank you for your understanding.

Visiting Hours

Generally, visitation is allowed between 8am to 8pm 7 days a week. There is a patient rest period between 1pm - 3pm where visitors are restricted to allow patients to rest and recover. Please speak to the ward directly regarding any questions about visiting hours.