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Residential Eating Disorders Centre

Residential eating Disorders Centre

Newcastle will be home to a new $13 million state-wide Residential Eating Disorders Treatment Centre, the first publicly-funded service of its kind in NSW.

The 12-bed centre will be built at Charlestown and will provide specialist support to people with severe eating disorders. The centre will provide wrap-around care in a home-like environment to people who require more support than a day program can provide, but don’t need to be hospitalised.

A multi-disciplinary team of specialists will address all aspects of recovery - the physical, psychological and lifestyle - giving people the best chance of living a full, rich and healthy life. The centre will also have capacity to provide whole-of-family therapy, which is vital to the ongoing treatment and recovery of those experiencing an eating disorder.

Construction will commence in January 2023.

Community Benefit

Every quarter in NSW, more than 1,600 people living with an eating disorder seek care from a NSW Hospital, mental health service or emergency department. Eating disorders are extremely complex illnesses and have one of the highest mortality rates of any psychiatric illness.

The centre will fill a critical gap in the stepped care model of service provision for NSW. It will provide a community based, intensive residential treatment service driven by rehabilitation focused principles and emphasising individual participation as key to recovering from an eating disorder.

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