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HCF: Translational Research Grant (TRG)

The HCF Research Foundation Translational Research Grants (TRG) scheme is focused on responding to health issues identified within health care provider communities, and the translation of research findings into practice by health service delivery stakeholders. Through this scheme, the Foundation aims to facilitate the implementation of successful health services research into practice, in order to deliver better patient outcomes and more cost-effective health service delivery.

The 2022 TRG round is calling for applications specifically addressing the topic of “providing appropriate care for the elderly in the community”. This topic aims to facilitate implementation of care models for the elderly that are delivered in the community and includes (but is not limited to) health issues such as frailty, polypharmacy, palliative care, rehabilitation, end-of-life and advanced care planning, residential aged care and primary care engagement.

There is no specific budget limit for this scheme however research projects with a budget up to $300,000 are recommended.


- A single university, hospital or health district must be nominated as the Administering Institution

- Only 3 successful EOIs from each Administering Institution can progress to Full Application.

- Any applicant intending on submitting an EOI application are required to email their Administering Institution with a Notification of Intent (NOI) to submit by 9am 30 September 2022.

Administering Institution Contacts:

HNELHD - HNELHD-ResearchOffice@health.nsw.gov.au
HMRI – researchfunding@hmri.org.au
The University of Newcastle – research-applications@newcastle.edu.au

Internal HNELHD Process:

Notification of Intent:

Any HNELHD staff member intending to submit an application are required to notify the HNE Research Office by emailing HNELHD-ResearchOffice@health.nsw.gov.au

Application Documents:

- HCF TRG Grant Application Form and Guidelines are available to download from: https://www.hcf.com.au/about-us/hcf-foundation/hcf-foundation-applications

- HNE Endorsement Template


Following notification to their administering institution, applicants are required to submit their EOI directly to HCF by 5pm 14 October 2022.

Successful EOI Applicants will then receive notification to progress to the full application stage. Applicants should submit a fully completed/endorsed Application Form to their administering institution by 9am 9 December 2022 before submitting their FINAL application directly to HCF by 5pm 16 December 2022.

Key Dates:
Expressions of Interest (EOI) OPENNOW                                                                  
Notification of Intent (NOI) DUE to HNE Research OfficeBy am 30 September 2022
EOI and completed HNE Endorsement DUE to HNE Research Office5pm 13 October 2022
EOI DUE to HCF Applicants to submit directly5pm 14 October 2022
Full Applications OPEN17 October 2022
Internal Review Process (if required)18-27 October 2022
Notification of progression to Full Application (if required)31 October 2022
Full Applications and completed HNE Endorsement DUE to HNE Research OfficeBy 9am 9 December 2022
Full Applications DUE to HCF Applicants to submit directly5pm 16 December 2022
Review PeriodJan-Feb 2023
Board DecisionMarch 2023
OutcomesMarch 2023
Funding Start Date1 May 2023

Further details on the program can be located via the HCF TRGs website or enquiries can be directed to the HNE Research Office:
Phone: (02) 4921 4140
Email: HNELHD-ResearchOffice@health.nsw.gov.au
Research Development Manager: Dr Kathryn Reilly
Email: kathryn.reilly@health.nsw.gov.au