‚Äč Environmental Health

Environmental Health Officers from Hunter New England Population Health (HNEPH) protect the health of Hunter New England residents by providing advice to agencies and the community about potential environmental health hazards, primarily those referred to in the NSW Public Health Act, State Emergency and Rescue Management Act, the Smoke Free Environment Act, and their associated Regulations. Through investigation and monitoring, they also ensure that groups and environments comply with these articles of legislation.

Our  work in this area

HNEPH Environmental Health Officers have a legislative responsibility to ensure compliance with the provisions of the Public Health Act and Regulations and the Smoke Free Environment Act and Regulations. Additionally, Environmental Health Officers work on specific projects to address environmental health issues in our community in a pro-active manner.

Environmental health topics

Environmental health bulletins

  • December 2016: Salmonella Wangata; Drinking Water Quality Assurance Programs; EPA Lead Safety Fact Sheets; Skin Penetration & Sterilisation; Winter Air Quality Results; Tobacco - Sales to Minors Breach; Conferences & Training; Christmas Message; IFEH Roy Emerson Award 2017

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