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Community and Aged Care Services, Greater Newcastle Sector

We provide group aquatic programs by appointment only, for adults, living in the Newcastle, Lake Macquarie or Port Stephens areas.

The pool is located on the grounds of John Hunter Hospital, Rankin Park Campus. The Lodge Building, Lower Ground Floor, 10 Lodge Drive, New Lambton Heights.

Aim of the Hydrotherapy Rehabilitation Program

To improve and maintain the ability to manage everyday life through aquatic exercises. Exercises help with fitness, balance, posture, coordination and muscle strength.

Our group program has been developed to:

  • learn a range of pool exercises under the instruction of hydrotherapy staff
  • learn correct exercising techniques
  • build up to a 40 minute exercise program

How does Hydrotherapy work?

Due to the buoyancy of the water, hydrotherapy exercise gives people the opportunity to perform exercises they may not normally be able to do on land. This increased buoyancy reduces the load taken through the joints such as the knees and hips. The warmth and hydrostatic pressure of the water also help improve blood flow and reduce muscle spasm.


Medical referral is required from a General Practitioner or Physiotherapist with GP clearance. They can be faxed directly to 4921 4127.

Contact the Hydrotherapy service

The Hydrotherapy Team
Locked Bag 1, Hunter Regional Mail Centre 2310
PH: 02 4921 4110

FAX: 02 4921 4127
Email: HNELHD-JHHHydrotherapy@health.nsw.gov.au