Writing a Proposal ​


Research, Preparation & Writing an Application

“The creation of knowledge through research underpins improvements in Australia's health service delivery and intervention. This research can be of the most fundamental nature or can be applied, directly addressing clinical problems, public health issues or how health services are provided”    

(National Health & Medical Research Council)

The most important part of any application is reading the guidelines, and ensuring that you meet the criteria for the grant.

​Before you start writing consider the following:

What is the funding criteria?

Review the criteria and eligibility of your project. Consider how your proposal will address the criteria and how it links to the strategic direction of HNE Health and/or your organisation.

What has been done?

Investigate what has previously been accomplished:

  • ACI Innovation Exchange provides a collaborative place online to share and promote local innovation and improvement projects and resources.

  • HNE Health Libraries provide a range of services to assist and support the research, teaching and information needs of all Hunter New England Local Health Districts staff and affiliated health professionals.

Checklist for preparing a grant application

  • Read the Granting bodies guidelines carefully to ensure that you have included all the required information in your application. 

  • Seek clarification and advice if you are not clear on what information should be included.

  • Have you included all additional information with your application i.e. CV & Letters of Support?

  • Have you complied with the agency's guidelines regarding the format and length of your application?

  • Have you checked what the internal closing date is for your application?

  • Has your application been peer reviewed?

  • Does the project require Ethics approval?

  • Does the project require an Aboriginal Health Impact Statement?

What is your Australian Business Number (ABN)?

Some grant applications may require the Australian Business Number (ABN) of your organisation.