Integrated Care Senior Managers By Work Stream 2019-20

Work Stream

​HNE Health Co-leader

Primary Health Network

Data Enablers

Manager, Health Analytics and Business Support

Manager, Information Management  Information Technology

Integrated Care Enablers

(including Community HealthPathways, PatientInfo, eReferral, Service Directory, Care Navigation, MyNetCare)

​Manager, Integrated Care and Partnerships

Manager, Quality Systems

​Manager, HealthPathways

Team Leader, Digital Health

First 2000 Days of Life

Manager, CPAIS Children Young People and Families

​Manager, Integrated Care

​Mental Health Service Integration

​General Manager, Mental Health


​Team Leader, Mental Health

​Palliative + End of Life Care Service Integration

Director, Palliative Care

Stream Leader, Palliative and End of Life Care

Integrated Care Officer - Chronic Disease

Urgent Care Access Integration


Service Manager, Patient Flow Unit



Integrated Care Officer, Ambulance, Access and Demand​



Closing the Gap initiative Service integration

​Director, Aboriginal Health Unit

Manager, Aboriginal Health

Chronic Disease Service Integration

Manager, Chronic Disease Network

Manager, Integrated Care

Place-Based Community Consultation

​Rural and Regional Health Services


Alliance Communication and Ways of Working​Manager, Integrated Care​Manager, Communication