Working Together

We are partners in the care of the people of the Hunter and New England regions and share a common goal – to support our people in managing their health and wellness proactively, effectively and efficiently.

No single organisation can create large-scale, lasting improvements to the health of our communities alone

We recognise that integrated care relies on a connected health system that puts the patient first and is organised around their needs. We know that no single organisation alone can create large-scale, lasting improvements to the health of our communities.

With this in mind, we have formed a collective aimed at improving the health of Hunter and New England communities, through:

  • transforming healthcare services and supporting clinical decision making and the shifting of activities
    closer to patients

  • making, and assisting parties in our collective to make strategic health care decisions on a “whole-of system” basis

  • providing leadership within our health community

  • assessing the needs of our populations

  • planning health services in our Region, to make the best use of health resources

  • balancing a focus on the highest priority needs areas in our communities, while ensuring appropriate care across all our populations

  • establishing new ways of working to develop, deliver and monitor health services

  • informing our communities and stakeholders of our performance in achieving our objectives
    strong translational research and evaluation that delivers an evidence based approach to integrated care

  • contributing to the international literature around integrated care.