​HNEKidshealth Innovation Scholarship Winner 2018


Project: Improving the Family/ Carer's Experience of Care of Children with Intestinal Failure through Increased Effectiveness of Healthcare Processes and Communication.

Team: Dr Aniruddh Deshpande (Paediatric Surgeon), Dr Scott Nightingale (Paediatric Gastroenterologist/Clinical Researcher), Dr Elizabeth Kepreotes (Clinical Nurse Consultant/Clinical Researcher).

Aim: To improve the experience of care for families and carers of children needing long term parenteral nutrition and multiple interventions for intestinal failures through

  1. assessing current lacunae in healthcare processes and communication

  2. understanding the clinical team and carer perspectives

  3. creating a model of more effective care and communication in partnership with the parents of  these children.

HNEKidshealth Innovation Scholarship Winner 2017​

Margaret Allwood.JPG 

Project: Simulation on a Shoestring – working in collaboration to improve patient outcomes.

Team: Margaret Allwood, Acting Nurse Educator JHCH; Amy Wethered, Nurse Educator JHCH; Elizabeth Newham, Nurse Educator JHCH.

Aim: To provide ward based simulation in collaboration with ICU to improve the early detection and management of the paediatric patient including the ability to escalate according to local Clinical Emergency Response System (CERS) response. In addition, improving the professional relationship between the teams responding to deteriorating paediatric patients.

Kaleidoscope Innovation Scholarship Winner 2016​


 Kaleidoscope - Lisa, Pat and Amanda.jpgLisa McGavern, Pat Marks & Amanda Orr

Project: One Less Worry: The Equipment Commitment to Families

Team: Lisa McGavern, Amanda Orr & Brooke Drelincourt

Aim: To facilitate a timely, individualised and compassionate response to equipment needs for every palliative child, with choice for the child and family regarding equipment items.

Kaleidoscope Innovation Scholarship Winner 2015


Project: A Way Forward, Youth Matter

Team Leaders: Tracey Finn, Team Leader, Youth Health Team

Aim: To provide a model of care that integrates and coordinates care across a continuum of service delivery to improve the health outcomes and life expectancy targeting Aboriginal Youth and working towards meeting the Closing the Gap targets.

Kaleidoscope Innovation Scholarship Winner 2014

Project: Establishment of a multidisciplinary Saliva Management Clinic for children with a disability in the Northern Child Health Network

Team Leaders: Melissa Hayles, Speech Pathologist, Kaleidoscope Paediatric Rehabilitation Service

Aim: To establish a multidisciplinary Saliva Management Clinic which works in partnerships with families, children and young people, and local medical and therapy services to facilitate optimal care and intervention with respect to children and adolescents with saliva management issues.

Kaleidoscope Innovation Scholarship Winner 2013


Project: Diabetes Sick Day App

Team Leaders: Helen Phelan & Dr Donald Anderson
Aim: To develop a comprehensive diabetes sick day app to enable:
• easily accessible sick day information
• improve consistency of sick day information across services and between health care professionals
• reduce the risk of DKA and severe hypoglycaemia
• reduce emergency presentations for minor illness that may have safely been managed at home

 Congratulations to all the scholarship winners