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NOW OPEN - NSW Health Translational Research Grant Scheme (TRGS) Round 5 


The Translational Research Grants Scheme Round 5 funds will have a total funding pool between $5-8Million per year. This Scheme funds competitive research grants that will translate into better patient outcomes, health service delivery, and population health and wellbeing. To date TRGS has funded 62 projects over 4 funding rounds totalling $30mil

Priorities: Translational Research Grant Scheme (TRGS) Round 5.

  1. Alcohol and other drugs
  2. Integrated Care
  3. Potentially preventable hospitalisations
  4. Pregnancy and the first 2000 days
  5. Value Based Health Care
  6. Aboriginal health
  7. Locally identified priorities

LHDs can nominate priorities that are locally relevant and demonstrate a case to build evidence in that area – to be considered under "Locally identified priorities”. Investigators are encouraged to identify specific research questions that are a priority for HNELHD and where there is demonstrable ability to directly apply/scale up the findings into policy and/or service delivery practice

HNELHD Internal Review Process

Notification of Intent:

The HNE Research office will once again run a Notification of Intent (NOI) for any HNE staff intending to apply for this round. The NOI will address the following issues:

- Outline of proposed research
- Alignment of proposed research to NSW Health and HNELHD Priorities
- Engagement and Participation of Service/General Managers and Translation Partners
- Proposed research team members
- Any matters relating to the new guidelines

HNE Internal Review:

The HNE Chief Executive is responsible for submitting the HNELHD applications to the NSW Health Translational Research Grant Scheme, whether HNE Health is the host or a partner organisation to an application from another LHD. 
All NSW LHDS are capped at submitting a maximum of 5 applications, and as such the HNE Research Office will conduct an internal review of all submitted EOIs and provide recommendations to the HNE Chief Executive. 

HNELHD Endorsement – Section I (a) of the Expression of Interest (EOI)

To inform recommendation to the HNE Chief Executive, applicants are required to obtain appropriate HNE management endorsement, at the Finance, Service, Department/Facility AND Executive levels prior to submission of an EOI (a template to achieve this has been embedded within the attached EOI – Section I (a)).  Any application that is not endorsed by the appropriate  managers/executive cannot be recommended for approval.

  • Please ensure this section is completed by your Finance, Line/Service and General Manager as well as Executive Director for your service/unit.
  • Please ensure managers are aware by signing this endorsement they are approving your project as well committing to the certification points listed in this section
  • Please ensure if your project crosses over with another HNE department/portfolio, that these relevant managers/executive also provide specific endorsement (you can create an additional copy of Section I (a)).

Management endorsement is required for EOI’s submitted by HNELHD and those submitted by another LHD in which HNE is a listed partner.

Key Dates

Please take careful note as some dates for HNELHD staff vary from those on the OHMR website.

Stage 1: Expression of Interest:

EOI OPEN: 27 February 2020
- HNE Notification of Intent (NOI) OPEN: 6 March 2020
- HNE Notification of Intent (NOI) CLOSE: 5pm 14 April 2020 - to HNELHD Research Office -

- Feedback to all NOI applicants: 20 April 2020

EOI CLOSE: 5pm 9 June 2020 - to HNELHD Research Office –


Stage 2: Full applications

Invitations to Full application (by NSWMOH): 31 July 2020
Full application proposal development: August – September 2020
CLOSE: 28 September 2020– to HNELHD Research office –
Outcome Notified: December 2020
Funding start: January 2021


Application Documents:

Please refer to the NSW Office of Health and Medical Research (OHMR) Translational Research Grant Scheme (TRGS for any updates in key dates (including important HNELHD internal process dates).

Resources for TRGS are available at, and general resources are available at

Please find attached :
Round 5 HNELHD Notification of Intent
- Round 5 Expression of Interest Form
Round 5 Guidelines

It is recommended to use Chrome to access these documents.

If you are experiencing problems downloading these forms, please email and they will be fowarded to you within 1 business day.


Please find attached : TRGS 5 General Information, which includes:

-  Purpose of TRGS 
-  Priorities
-  Study Type
-  Out of Scope
-  Certification by Host Organisation – Chief Executive
-  Application and review
-  EOI dates (please ensure you refer to the HNE dates above that include the HNE Notification of Intent Process)
-  Full Application Dates
-  Updates for Round 5 timing
-  Selection Criteria
-  PhD Students
-  Intellectual property
-  Example : Program Logic
-  Aboriginal Health Focus 
-  Education Resources
-  Translational research, research methods and data analytics
-  Implementation Planning
-  Research Communication

TRGS 5 Information from Statewide Agencies
TRGS 5 Information from MoH Branches
TRGS 5 Partner Contact List

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