NSW Health Pillars


Agency for Clinical Innovation (ACI)                                    

​The Agency for Clinical Innovation is a board-governed statutory health corporation responsible for reviewing clinical variation and supporting clinical networks in clinical guideline/pathway development with encouragement toward standardised clinical approaches based on best evidence. The Agency for Clinical Innovation works with clinicians, consumers and managers to design and promote better healthcare for NSW.

Bureau of Health Information (BHI)                                   

The Bureau of Health Information is a board-governed organisation that provides independent reports to government, the community and healthcare professionals about the performance of the NSW public healthcare system, including safety and quality, effectiveness, efficiency, cost and responsiveness of the system to the health needs of the people of NSW.

​Cancer Institute NSW

The Cancer Institute NSW is Australia’s first state-wide government cancer agency, focused on reducing the incidence of cancer, increasing survival from cancer and improving the quality of life for people with cancer and their carers. The Institute also provides a source of expertise on cancer control for the Government, health service providers and medical researchers.

Clinical Excellence Commission (CEC)                                 

The Clinical Excellence Commission is a board-governed statutory health corporation, responsible for leading safety and quality improvement in the NSW public health system.

Health Education and Training Institute (HETI)                

The Health Education and Training Institute is a Chief Executive-governed statutory health corporation which coordinates education and training for NSW Health staff.